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Well it's one lie after another here, , exagerration etc is one thing, but so far everything they've said about Duxot brand/family is all lies, and the so called expert is wholeheartedly joining in with the lies being spouted, a pair of f****** conmen. Sorry for swearing but this show is actually a disgrace.

Swiss and GOLD words must be up to about 500 already

Peter Simon remains the ultimate shyster in this sphere


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Peter - "i'm sure duxot family members and representatives will be watching tonight on the world wide web." What utter rubbish. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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Bordell - "I've got to be careful here, because it WAS a Swiss brand and what were looking at now is value."

Really, could have fooled me, the way you guys have been talking everybody must be under the impression it still is a Swiss brand. Too little too late.


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Peter - a whole lot of guff about brand launch, watch shows and Swiss soul the "of a small boutique house that has created spectacular timepiece."

Small? Solar Time is one of the biggest watch manufacturers and brand owners in China, probably even the World. :ROFLMAO:


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Somebody had a word with JB :)

Peter Simon is now telling us this brand will soon be massive

Well it's one of the brands watchgang use, so that will boost the awareness of the brand amongst the horologically challenged collectors.

Also like the way Peter says - "trying to take those classic Duxot 40s and 70s watches and bring them back to life, and they've done it so well."

I'm pretty sure the classic Duxot watches didn't come in a 46mm behemoth size.


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Peter - "Serious Swiss watches and we really mean that and at a fraction of the price."

He just can't help himself.

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