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Idiot - "they weren't supposed to show this today. They always do this to me, all the time, it wasn't supposed to be launched."

Me Mam - "I just couldn't resist it though, cause i honestly James, but i love this one, and it's on our web site, so it was only fair to properly show you it tonight."

Idiot - " I don't mind doing favours, like pricing, but showing watches we specifically said aren't launched yet, that takes it to another level. it's a bit of an abuse of the relationship we have, but none the less this really is striking blah blah blah."

and then some more rubbish about it not being launched yet.

Changed smoothly into the sales pitch after a concocted story. The watch they are talking about is named Essential, but it's already been launched and selling on Swan & Edgar's own site, so god knows why the stupid story and melodrama about showing it.


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Idiot - "we've been hounded to get this one back, as we've said before, we don't typically do repeats, very very few, but it's been so wildly popular, but we have kept it too limited numbers."

Kinda defeats the whole point of being Limited Edition, probably also explains why their watches don't have any reference to limited edition or ltd ed number on their watches, so they can issue more if they feel like it without it being obvious.


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That midnight watch is a cracker, the Idiot made a big thing about it having two rotating functions, one is the inner tachymeter chapter ring for measuring speed, distance & time (they do love a tachymeter on their watches), and the other is the Diver's bezel, which would be great if the watch had a chronograph function and higher than 30mtr water resistance rating, but as the watch is neither then the functions are a waste of time and merely there for show.


Klause Kobec watches back in those days were, cheap alloy cased quartz watches, just a cheap fashion watch. Some football clubs did have watches made for them to sell in their club shops by Klause Kobec but they weren’t something you would brag about. I had one I got in a xmas present for my club, after a couple of years the plating was mostly gone and was through to the alloy.
Ah Klaus Kobec, say no more! About right for these muppets 😯

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