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Look, I KNOW they're selly telly channels and the presenters are there to encourage viewers to buy. I get that. The sole reason these channels exist is to sell sell sell 24/7.

However, I do have a wry smile to myself when they say stuff like 'Put multiple items in your basket to take advantage of the capped p&p, we're always looking for ways to save you money!!!'

Here's an idea for viewers to save money ... stop buying ;)


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Had a laugh yesterday, Mark Stewart was on a Tefal show, and he was bragging how a couple of times, he had cooked for VIPs and A list filmstars. And now he appears to be a chef who half the time appears lost on a shopping channel


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Mark Stewart was with Mark Reyes, it was funny Mark Reyes was trying his damdest to get to get names out of him, Mark was like ooh I can’t


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His signature dish is probably cheese on toast …
It used to be minced beef wrapped around a coke can and fries..

The problem is he never cooks anything when he is in the kitchen, most of his food is already loaded into the product and all he does is serve it up and magically the refill themselves again.


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I see the Omega homage and Bordell these things are built to military specs.

Well it's certainly not US military specs as they don't allow for shiny stainless steel cases that reflect the light, so everybody see you, which the RGMT does.

Military specs my ****. :rolleyes:


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Someone has just emailed in and admitted to owning 72 pairs of bengaline trousers 🤯

Just shows you that there are sad lonely people watching these shows, just buying to keep themselves and their TV friends happy.;)


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Just watching Jack the lad cooking some Salmon, says to Haley what Have i not done, cooked anything decent although that's another story, Hayley say put oil in the pan, Jack says doesn't need it with Tefal's super, super non-stick.

Of course, you don't need oil in the pan if you've coated the fish in oil, you can see the oil dripping off the fish as he puts it in the pan and it starts sliding around the pan which food does when it has a layer of oil on it. :ROFLMAO:
He must think we're too stupid to see what he's doing, typical stupid dozy con artist. If they ever handed out awards for con artistry, IW and their presenters/guest would come last, absolute amateur the lot of them.


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Also laugh at their Interiors experts :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:, Alex and Shona, they were on together yesterday flogging Dormeo.

Two of them were praising Dormeo to the hilt for coming up the idea of individual pocket springs instead of using a serpentine framed sprung mattress, after all that's 150 year old tech, dormeo have brought us into the future. Strange there is no Dormeo patent for pocket springs. :unsure:

Yeah, sounds great, except Dormeo only came into being 2002, pocket springs were invented in 1899, almost as old as the 150 year old Serpentine sprung tech, and every Tom, Dick and Harry is using them in their mattresses, so how the hell can Dormeo come up with the idea for something that existed 100 years before Dormeo was born? :ROFLMAO:


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The Tefal frying pans are literally flying out of the door, literally. Misuse of the word literally, literally. The word literally is like no smoke without fire, literally…
I overheard someone in the street say "I literally died"🤣 (true story)

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