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They have a woman on the Treadmill in studio, why not ask her how she likes the treadmill. Why keep going back to Jenny.

Ooh it’s important you buy this today, ooh it’s a blockbuster, life changing product, will go back to £399.99.

Different presenter same old guff
The treadmill lady is the resident Proskins model. I’ve never heard her speak.

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Blatant lies selling the HOMCOM toys.

Den starts off the show saying IW is selling the toys 'for a half or even a third of the price that viewers will pay elsewhere.' She's then just said along the lines of 'go online and try, just try, to find these at similar prices.'

MMmmm, is £3.99 of a difference (including p&p) similar enough for you?!?


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Good Evening - again. My name is Den. D for delicious. E for ectoplasm and N for narvellous. Annoyingly, there are some pointless distractions of things to sell. Otherwise I could ask you all to guess my age. Of course, you are going to be at least 65 years out - thinking I am 21 when I am really 86….Still, that’s enough about me, and back to these wretched stuffed toys with the man with an eye by each ear….

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