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They really are trying hard to convince viewers that RGMT are an American brand. :ROFLMAO:

These shysters, just can't stop lying .

Oh Peter says they have to be independently verified with certification to say this will go to that depth, and Jonathon goes that's right, what you have to do is go to specific testing regimes and you have to test the case and design, that's right. Strange, last night when someone emailed a question about if there were certificates with the watch to say it was tested to these depths he said, no there wasn't but the manufacturer will have tested them.

Changed his tune from last night, just makes it up as he goes along, only trouble is when you lie so much, you have to remember your lies or you get caught out. ;)


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You have to laugh at the, must be the wrong price pantomime, they contacted multiple people to check that the Supernav, which is what both the graphics called it and how the two plonkers were pronouncing it, was at the right price.

Maybe instead of checking the price, you would have been better off checking the actual name of the watch, it's the Superav not Supernav. Bloody amateurs.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

And Peter says the RGMT Delta watch was developed for American Special Forces, Navy Seals no less. That's got to one of the biggest lies yet. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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Big Jack says the Tefal pans set is the most versatile pan set they've sold and you can buy, funny he said the exact same thing about the Flavorstone pans, they were the most versatile pans set you can buy, when they were pick of the day on the 6th Nov.

Why waste all the food with live shows, record once then just show a recording, it's not like they are actually given us an honest review and sales pitch of the product, every pan/pan set (same goes for every product on IW) is given the same sales speel, they're the best, the bestest quality, at a bargain price, we all buy them blah blah blah.

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I am getting seriously concerned for the whereabouts of the treadmill. I haven’t seen it for some days now. It’s not answering its phone and it is extremely out of character not for it to reappear after a maximum of five minutes away from the screen. I think we may have reached the point where we need to launch a national appeal for its safe return. I know it is only an inanimate object, probably made in the Far East of Liverpool, but I’m also concerned for poor Jenny, too.


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They really should advise folks on the running costs of these radiators.

At the moment my gas bill has been running at £42 a month, heating and gas hob (dual oven is electric) and i heat the whole house :oops: :ROFLMAO:, actually two reasons for that one being cold rooms can lead to damp so as far as i'm concerned etc cost is worth it, and secondly i've an old system will be renewing it soon and will get rid of the second reason, but the system has a problem with air getting in and when you start messing about with the radiator valves in the different room it makes the problem worse, although i can fix it, find it easier just to let everything run as is.

Anyway as i say gas is £42 a month, now i've worked out that running one these 2 Kw heaters on some of the new tarriffs, say around 20p a KW hour (some will be more and some slightly less.) for 6 hours a day, which will be needed in the middle of winter, will cost approx £2.40 a day, £72 for a month, that's for ONE heater as against £42 for the whole house, 2 heaters and it's £144 a month.

Sod that for a laugh, Peter can shove them where the sun don't shine, i'm sticking with gas. :ROFLMAO:

OH and if you are reading IW, cut the clean fuel crap, for the majority of folks out there those radiators will still be using electricity which is still heavely dependent on fossil fuels
My prayers have been answered. It’s been found, safe and well..I love you, treadmill…
It was found kidnapped, chained to a radiator. The captor has been referred for sectioning, taken away muttering ‘just buy it’, ‘I used to be on BBC, honest…’ ‘played golf with Tarby, me..’


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I’ve seen inside Sally’s Caravan, and it’s not that big.

Ive seen it on her YouTube channel, no need for seedy comments, leave that to Peter Simon


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Nope that space is already allocated for storing the 100 oversized teletubby hoodies she bought the other day.;)
LOL. In a way I feel sorry for Sally as she clearly still feels unsafe staying at a hotel when she is on shift, which I guess IW pay for, but perfers to stay in her caravan

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Here is My Name is Den and I know nothing about golf, but I am a fantastic human specimen aged 90, plus old Walter…er..Thomas, and apparently the most sought after Christmas golf gift EVER!! Of course, they never make claims they cannot substantiate…EVER…

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