Random musings and general banter.

See Shona is in her over the top, exaggerating, over hyping IW products mode as usual.

No need to buy bog standard products from the high street sales, buy from IW and get simple AMAZING products in our sale, she says.

Nothing is just ordinary on IW to her, everything is Incredible, Amazing, Super, Fantastic etc etc, if there was an award for spouting the most hyperbole, she'd win hands down, some of the others you can allow a bit of leeway as they're just plain thick egotistically idiots, she's not, she's intelligent which makes her performance even more devious.
My Name is (I don’t want to mislead you) Den, aged 86, is on air. She is flogging an armchair that she tells us is ‘very Hercule Poirot’. Er…Erm…Well, if Hercule used to manage Times Furnishings in Wood Green circa 1976, she is absolutely spot on, as I am sure I sat on that very same one a year or so later, watching my ITT TV with three button remote, holding a copy of Look In and with a plate of Artic Roll, a can of Quatro, and some Findus Crispy pancakes.

Now we have smooth Bronze Age technology expert Peter Vohl..Vole…Voll…Dutch Irish bloke to add some gravitas to the proceedings. “This would be ideal for your She Shed,” he said seductively to My Name is Den, aged 97. She shed? SHE SHED?? She shed absolutely nothing worth hearing, as per usual.
We move on to Carry on Sofas. Double entendres of the armchair variety flood the air. Great piece to help you stand up firmly..You can go all floppy in this after a sustained period of exertion…This will propel you into upright action…A lorry load of Viagra was stolen in Cockermouth yesterday. Police are looking for a car load of hardened criminals..You get the idea.. Peter, the Irish bloke, helpfully tells us he could see this chair in a library, surrounded by books…No sh..Sherlock!!
Lovely to see the rubber man demonstrating fitness equipment today. He needs to tell us he doesn’t do fitness. I think we spotted that without being told. In his favour, though, it’s nice to see a presenter so in touch with the times we live in. “Maybe you have a physical aspiration (I do have one, but it is responding well to antibiotics) to take you through to 2020,” he drones…2020?? Or maybe he is a repeat. I can understand that as he certainly gives me the most difficult continued visual indigestion to deal with.

Hayley is moving her legs further apart, he drools. What a ghastly proposition
Good evening all, season's greetings etc 👍 as it's a watch show on now, Ballast, but enough of that. Last week, PS was doing a hair colour show or something, and after one of the demo's, he had a discernable pink gap between his fringe. Tonight, it seems to have disappeared and gone hair coloured again 😎. Good stuff that 👍😁
Belated Merry xmas to all.

Well they've been lying all year on watches may as well finish the year with the biggest fibber of the lot lying again.

Black amphion, European debut/launch, rest of the world just a few hours ago declares Mr Honesty and Peter says 8 hours.

Wonder how Amazon.com have been able to sell it for over a month if it was only launched 8 hours ago. :unsure: