Red Cuprian 20 ct pendant....


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I'm just watching the Don ( who seems even slimmer now) selling, very reluctantly the Mozambique Red Cuprian stones he has obtained from different collectors....12 pieces in total.

The centrepiece is this pear shaped pendant weighing 20cts which DK really wants to buy. 689

He's sweating and stressing.....that it will be sold to another buyer.
And as the Director is dropping the price, he's 'bricking' it!

Two callers on the phone.............and it went for.........£11,999 :tongue:

Edit: He bought this in the rough, a hand sized piece and cut and sliced it himself.
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One good reason not to buy from this shoddy bunch? The advert at the top of the page. What are they selling? "Russian" Alexandrite. Yeah, right! FFS how on earth do they stay in business? I'd love to buy this and send it for an origin report to AGL. How much do you want to bet the nearest it's been to Russian is watching the Meerkat's on telly!


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Hi, Meeshoo, so good to see you posting again. I do try, but find it SOOOOOOOOOO difficult to watch those silly girls gurning and pretending they're the last word in knowledge of gems. Insisting that humpty hump thousand is way too low for a gem, which I suspect they have never heard of and know even less about, sounds at best patronising, and even worse, false. Yesterday, this was accompanied by DK having a panic attack I think the name of that particular game was "do what ever it takes to upstage me and make me look like an idiot" They really must think their audience is stupid. The material is his, FCS, it's up to him what he releases. Do they believe the by marketing in this way, people will buy just to stop him "buying" back!!!! I couldn't buy jewellery to sell on. I would only buy what I liked and would only part with it if I liked who I was selling to, but I make no pretence of being a business woman.


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I never pay any attention to these kind of sales tactics and it doesn't do the company any favours at all imo. In fact they're not alone in the exaggerated claims they make. A museum piece for £200, I don't think so!:giggle: I've had a good laugh over some of the things the presenters say, but it's worrying that some people are going to be taken in.

I guess we all have different taste, but these red Cuprian tourmalines looked very dark in tone and at least on my TV screen, looked like they showed signs of extinction. It wasn't the stop-light red I was expecting and my heart beat didn't even raise a bit looking at these. I didn't hear anything about treatments either of this very 'rare' gemstone, although I muted the show after 30 minutes because I couldn't take the aggressive repetitive sales pitch any more and possibly I missed it?

I'm not totally against R&Co, as they do have some unique designs, especially the 'one' collection. I bought a pair of Tsavorite garnet flower earrings a couple of months ago, that are lovely and were a great price. I also ordered a couple of Zircon pieces on Friday, with the intention of swapping out the stones with some of my own. Still, they may go back... we'll see what the quality is like.


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Thank you ladies for your comments, pleased to hear I wasn't the only sceptical viewer. I recall the thread earlier this year on Pink Cuprian Tourmaline , again where DK was getting very evangelical about this colour of Tourmaline! Again he was making comparisons of rarity to Taaffeite....about which I know nothing. :blush:

But it brought to mind the difference in how we used to regard him when he was on GemsTV in the earlier days, he was enjoyable and fun to watch......particularly when he took prices 'down to bargain town'!

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