Tilly O

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Just wondered if anyone has an idea how long a refund from TJC should take. It's already been over 10 days and no sign of my cash yet despite emails.


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Don't hold your breath...I've been through this many a time and many a time an email has gone. unanswered. I presume they have a mail filter set up for their Inbox which has the following parameters:-

Where the Subject Line and/or Body contains the words 'Refund' do the following:-

Move to Trash and then



Call them, it's the only way you'll get results and will cost you. I tried last time to get them to do something via Live Chat, but they told me that I had to call 'for security' about Refunds. I reminded them that this would cost me and that online retailers are supposed to have a free method of contact and was promptly told that they do - Email - that they never respond to. Well done.

Tilly O

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Thanks Dollydiva, I did phone them a few days ago and was told they would chase things up. I won't be buying from them again after this treatment. I have spent thousands with that company but they treat you like dirt. I am still waiting for my £80 to be returned. Surely under distance selling regulations there must be a timescale within which refunds are made.

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