Repeat Prescription Nightmare


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Jun 24, 2008
I get my prescriptions picked up by the local chemist.

Phoned surgery 22nd April ordered 3 items. Chemist pick up on a Tuesday and Friday from my surgery, called on Saturday and no meds as no prescription was in the surgery to collect. Phoned surgery Monday nightmare after the weekend, 50 minutes on the phone got through receptionist said it was picked up. Phone chemist, the girl said no not there but will get the driver who collects from my surgery. I phoned her mid-afternoon and no driver collection all the ready prescriptions and delivered to the different chemists. She phoned the other chemists on the route he did, and they did not have my prescription, so prescription getting reprinted. The driver called on Tuesday and no prescription printed for me, so today I ring chemist and again no prescription! Pharmacist phoned my surgery and told the prescription was printed but needed to be signed off with the in surgery pharmacist. So the chemist is sending the driver down again this afternoon to try to get my prescription. The original prescription was printed, but the surgery could not say if it had been cleared

Now, over the last few years this has happened to me, surgery insists prescription sent and the chemist saying no they log on their computer every prescription they receive before making it up. This will be the 3rd time, so I make sure to order any prescriptions well in advance. I actually thought my surgery had a grudge against at one point, as prescriptions seem to vanish into thin air, no one knows what happens. I remember talking to the surgery manager at point and just told they print XXX prescriptions every day and very rarely something can go wrong.

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