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Does anyone else remember Isomers' brand "Peel Therapy" on Ideal World many years ago?

I just spotted they've come back (show at 2pm today).

Back in the day when Haley was the rep for Miche (sp?) Bags there was a Canadian lady called Manuela used to front the Peel Therapy brand and often appeared with Shaun raving about the range! It always strikes me as odd when a brand returns to a channel but they don't seem to acknowledge it on air. Assuming only new customers are watching maybe?

I seem to remember the Peel Therapy range was based on pro-biotic peels and vitamin C and this sounds very similar, but they've dropped the "peel" tag. I might try and watch one of the inevitable the repeat hours.


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I remember them well. I used to buy the Peel Therapy and loved it. Often wondered why IW stopped selling them. May have to go have a look and see what they have. :)


I don't belong here...
I suspect Ideal World's strategy is to push for "offers", squeezing the brands' profit margins. In most departments from clothing to gardening they'll have a POTD then a similar offer (within a couple of pounds)as a Blockbuster or with a voucher-at-checkout offer until it's all but sold out (and gone) and languishes in Clearance like a slow-mo falling auction.

I think some brands like Prai and M.Asam have maybe used IW as a springboard to move across to QVC for greater exposure. Prai in particular has used QVC to break on to the high street in M&S beauty departments.

Elizabeth Grant, one of their currently most successful beautiful brands, returns every few weeks with sets that have eye-watering RRPs, knocked down to £39.99 with a flexi-basket option. Once the price is the lowest possible, the next strategy seems to be offering larger value and bonus sizes and a mind-boggling choice of Serums and creams, cleansers and body lotion, with advice to rotate these complex regimes every couple of months. There has to be a breaking point where a brand can't pare back their margins any further; or they find a more profitable platform for their products.

It'll be interesting to see how long Isomers stays at IW, or disappears like Lusardi's "My Miracle" and many others.

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