Rio Beauty TSV 31/1/21


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I remember when Molton Brown / Elemis Chrissy became Rio Beauty brand ambassador.
Hope it won’t be Dyson Abbi or Tili Ruth 😫
Perish the thought!
Or could it be Lorna Ko's breakout role?




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A mini face vacuum to suck the dirt out of your pores.

Didn't Sarah Chapman have something similar in a TSV not so long ago?

Wonder who will get one that is a return? Oh dear dear me. Not to self - watch the news at product launch and avoid Q all day Sunday.


Rio Pore Perfection Skincare System
Item Number: 402867
QVC Price £115.00
Todays Special Value Price £89.97
P&P £3.95

The Pore Perfection Skincare System from Rio features suction technology that helps to deeply cleanse and gently clear congested pores, plus, when used with your phone, the 10x magnification built-in camera helps to identify problem areas and show extractions in real time. Complete with three treatment heads, this rechargeable skincare tool will take your beauty routine to the next level, working to leave you with a more radiant-looking complexion.

Missing your salon? With this superb system you don't have to lose out. The gentle yet effective device works to clear away impurities to help create a smoother-looking appearance - as if you've had a facial with your favourite beautician!

Tailored to your needs - the Rio Pore Perfection Skincare Tool comes with three different attachment heads to suit your specific complexion concerns: the large treatment head for your entire face, the small round head for tricky areas that are hard to reach, plus the precision treatment head for the targeting of blackheads.

Take it with you - complete with a protective storage pouch and a handy USB charging cable, it's easy to bring this innovative tool with you wherever you go, so you can still stick to your usual at-home skincare routine.

Choose your shade - available in three on-trend hues, this sleek device won't look out of place on your dressing table! Simply select from on-trend Mint (currently only available at QVC), pretty Blush or cool Grape.


  • 1 x Pore Perfection Skincare Tool
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x large treatment head
  • 1 x small round treatment head
  • 1 x precision treatment head
  • 1 x protective pouch
How to use:

  • Warm your skin with a hot flannel before use
  • Attach the head you require and gently glide device across your skin
Please note:

  • Start with the small round treatment head - it has lower suction and is therefore less likely to cause redness
  • Only progress to the larger heads when you are familiar with the treatment
Colour options:

  • Mint
  • Blush
  • Grape



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I love a beauty gadget and am really tempted by this - love the fact you can see the gunge come out!


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I love a beauty gadget and am really tempted by this - love the fact you can see the gunge come out!
They sold a LaB exfoliating gadget once, on all the demos they were emptying dead skin out of the thing to show how brilliant it was.

I know now that the demo was faked because I have dry skin that's flaky in places and I bought one, it was completely useless, I used it as instructed went to empty it and nothing came out.

The reviews were very negative and the returns were high because the only place it worked was in QVC land.


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No doubt it would also leave little red “sucky” marks on the face. Surely if you cleanse the face properly you shouldn't get blocked pores.
Amazingly few people do, or they use comdengenic products. Gross, I know, but I'm guilty of not changing my pillow case enough (can add to the problem)....Some things seem such an effort at times....don't tell anyone, especially my Mom - of whom I'm still afraid. 😞

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