Rip-off Britain!


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So, the American venture has finally taken off. Take a look at this, like stepping back in time. No wonder we've been paying such higher prices, and receiving such poor service. Looks like the environment can take a running jump as well, suddenly it's no longer important for this "family run" business. Blimey! Talk about double standards. No more to be said really. xxxxxxxxxxx
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Can you see Ruth presenting, Argey. All I get is the black video screen with Gems logo and some text. It allowed me to log in, what's to stop us placing bids eh? :tongue: xxxxxx


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I have tuned in today to watch - and have got more and more incredulous all day - how very insulting!!!!! Our prices have escalated, our delivery lead time has extended, our postage increased. We no longer get "genuine falling prices auctions", they stop when they reach the price they want to sell at. The US Rocks get prices that are making my jaw drop, they have the same lead time on delivery at roughly the same cost at todays exchange rate - how can it be possible to cost the same and take the same time to deliver? If the jewellery is being sent from UK to USA - its the same stuff we are buying so why is it costing us so much more to buy them? We dont keep dropping until all items are sold any more. I have seen $1 item - at todays exchange rate that is less than £1! We dont get those either.

I feel robbed, cheated, taken for a ride, fed bullshit..........need I go on? How very dare they? How do they expect UK customers to continue to support them. I am appalled and having been a customer for so long I just dont know what to say! (really doesnt look like it!!) We have put up with allsorts from this company and this is by far the lowest they have fallen in my opinion.......UK customers need to all be aware but sadly many will be blissfully oblivious of how they are being shafted. Yes, I am waffling, I am angry!


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Hi Sacha, Yes - I can see Ruth, and looking like a tamed down version of Vicky B. They're also using their initials AJP, GIA, BBC2 and aerial. Quelle fromage! Needless to say Steve can't resist popping in and out. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> I ain't watching no more, I feel so used (raises hand to brow and staggers off stage left). xxxxxxxxxxx

PS - I wondered about bidding too, and then I thought "what if it works, do I really want to put any more money into the pockets of these people? Nah!". If it takes off, no doubt they'll treat the Americans in the same way as us by taking their custom for granted.


It would be interesting to know whether the American customers are having things removed from their baskets if they don`t check out within minutes ? Gems are obviously " sweetening " the Yanks with low prices and special offers. Once they get their target audience then I suspect things will change.

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Come on guys, get a grip - there just starting out over there... so of course there going to make there offering look as attractive as possible in their early stages to attract a new audience.

In saying that, they do appear to have made more effort for the Rocks studio which does look impressive.

They are clearly suffering with the same slow camera operators from Gems TV and they need to go through the US website with a fine tooth comb and remove obvious British references like 'Come and meet us' with an 0845 number.


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hmmm argey - they do look like they got tackled by the same hairdresser ........ big hair brings dynasty to mind


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i understand totally they want to sweeten their new audience but in doing so, they are trampling all over their foundations - they have failed once in the us and fallen back on the uk to keep their business going. Not sure if they assumed people wouldnt be interested enough to take a peek and see exactly what was on offer. You would think while courting their new customers they might throw the odd rose at their old ones


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I guess it is no different than offers for half price Sky/Virgin/BT then the dreaded * and it says underneath *new customers only.



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but that's not right either PJ. The Bennetts are always telling us how different they are blah, blah and how they value their "loyal" customers. "Family business" until we're all fed up to the back teeth with it, and then behaving like a major corporation with no competition to speak of.

Insider - I do have a grip thank you - on me wallet!



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So they are on in US 24/7 yet here they are not and Steve has even had a manicure!!! :wonder:


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Can you see Ruth presenting, Argey. All I get is the black video screen with Gems logo and some text. It allowed me to log in, what's to stop us placing bids eh? :tongue: xxxxxx

Hi Sacha,

I wondered too whether we would be allowed to bid. Checked T&C's and it says they do not accept orders to addresses outside the USA. Must admit that i was tempted to bid just to see if they accepted my order, lol.



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You're kidding! Could it get any more cheap and cheesy. You've managed to make old Argey lost for words. xxxxxxxxx


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Bet the Americans will love it though!!!


You're kidding! Could it get any more cheap and cheesy. You've managed to make old Argey lost for words. xxxxxxxxx

Sorry, Argey! I wish I could say it wasn't so!

After I posted, Ruth went in to speak to "the management" to see if she could take the price lower. It's terrible, isn't it?

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