Rocks now called Juwelo UK?

Susie Wusie

Registered Shopper
On channel 681 on Sky it's now called Juvelo UK, has this now replaced Rocks or is it Rocks under a new name, whatever it is I can't see them selling much if anything.
I used to like R&C (until the prices went berserk), but eventually I got rather bored of shopping channels. As a result, I hadn't visited this forum, or looked at Rocks & Co, in years--until now.

I was shocked to read that it had apparently closed (without my even noticing!), but evidently it must have opened again! It definitely exists, as I was watching it today. The website is still, although it is broadcasting the German channel Juwelo, with German audio (which is a challenge with my 'O' Level German from 40 years ago!).

I don't think I will be spending much time with the channel now, but it is worth the occasional visit. A lot of the jewellery was dull and overpriced (mostly in silver these days); but I did manage to buy a vermeil enamelled art nouveau-style hair pin in the live auction, which was a very pretty and highly unusual piece.
I just noticed this thread and spotted the Juwelo name.I did buy some items from their Monosono collection back in 2017/18 and bought from their website.Luckily I can understand German and used to watch the live programs sometimes.It is similar to all these type of channels and a lot of their silver jewelry was from Cavill and Co.They did also do quite a few high end lines with more expensive,superb examples on offer.I never had any issues with payments or delivery with them.I only bought from them because I wanted a choker style memory wire necklace on which to hang pendants but couldn't source one here as reasonably. So my experience was good.