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Can’t believe how heartless and disappointing Rocks and Co are. My mother bought me an emerald and tanzanite ring for my 50th - August 2011 and one of the emeralds has dropped out, it was well looked after and only worn on special occasions. It is 2 months out of the 6 months guarantee so all Rocks and Co say is TOUGH we will give you the name and address of a place you can send it to at your own expense. After trying to argue the point they said I could send it to them to be assessed for a manufactures fault but if it wasn’t it would be sent straight back (I don’t think they have any intention of sorting it by their attitude). The worse thing is I bought it against my family’s wishes as they don’t rate the quality of TV shopping channels products. I just daren’t tell them.


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Have you tried Trading Standards? You might find they change their attitude pretty quickly if they know Trading Standards are involved!

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