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Ruth Langsford Double Breasted Blazer
Item Number: 405357
QVC Price £89.97
Todays Special Value Price £69.96
P&P £3.95

Transition from office hours to evening outings, weekend brunches to weddings, in this double-breasted blazer from Ruth Langsford. Featuring notched collar lapels, and front darts, it offers a tailored look that is as classic as it is contemporary. We especially love the versatility of this blazer, as it's so easy to dress up or down with different trousers, skirts and jeans. What will you wear yours with?
Suit up - team this blazer with wide-leg trousers in a co-ordinating colour to create a full suit that's perfect for work, formal occasions or simply for those days when you want to feel smart and sophisticated. Finish with a pair of heels and a shirt or trainers and a T-shirt.
Supercharge any outfit - not sure what to wear and need a stylish look quick? Slip on this blazer and watch your outfit transform. Whether worn with jeans and a casual top or a skirt and blouse, it will add elegance to all your ensembles.
Choose your colour - take your pick from six sensational hues. You can go for classics such as Navy, Black or Caramel, ideal if you prefer the ease of timeless shades. Or, why not welcome a beautiful bright like Blue, Lilac or Green into your spring/summer wardrobe?
  • Two tailored pockets (loose-stitched closed)
  • Front button fastenings
  • Set in long sleeves
  • Double breasted
  • Notched collar lapels
  • Front darts for a tailored fit
  • Body: 90% polyester, 10% elastane; lining: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • Machine wash cold (delicate cycle)
Colour options:
  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Black
  • Caramel
  • Green
Garment measurements:
  • Chest: 8: 96.5cm (38"), 10: 99.1cm (39"), 12: 101.6cm (40"), 14: 104.1cm (41"), 16: 108cm (42.5"), 18: 111.8cm (44"), 20: 115.6cm (45.5"), 22: 120.7cm (47.5")
  • Waist: 8: 87.6cm (34.5"), 10: 90.2cm (35.5"), 12: 92.7cm (36.5"), 14: 95.3cm (37.5"), 16: 99.1cm (39"), 18: 102.9cm (40.5"), 20: 107.3cm (42.3"), 22: 111.8cm (44")
  • Length: 8: 65.4cm (25.8"), 10: 65.7cm (25.9"), 12: 66cm (26"), 14: 66.5cm (26.2"), 16: 67cm (26.4"), 18: 67.6cm (26.6"), 20: 68.3cm (26.9"), 22: 69.1cm (27.2")
All measurements are approximate

I wish she (and a lot of the models) would stop pushing the sleeves up, especially on coats and jackets. The only time I push my sleeves up is when I’m about to do the washing up, and I certainly don’t do that when wearing an overpriced jacket!
I've moaned about this for years. We did that in the 80s courtesy of Miami Vice, with turned back cuffs, but on QVC its just to show how over long the sleeves are. Rubbish style, rubbish fabric and rubbish price.

Went to Boundary Mill at Grantham today, and the credit card is in A & E. but I bought some great "stuff" that fits well and for a lot less than the Langsford trouser suit.
Ouch - that's pricey for poly jacket. I've just ordered the Helene green check shacket at £55 Inc (excessive grump) postage. 70% cotten to replace the monochrome one I managed to catch on something and ruin! Do like her shackets, easy to wear and look good over my jeans and boots. Could pass for a trendy youngster (from behind lol lots)
That trouser suit looks as if it’s made from Crimplene which was popular in the 1960s. Looks as if that’s when it was styled too. If it looks naff on the models then there’s no hope for us normal folks.
Ruth looked good in the blue trouser suit. I wonder if she had had it altered to fit her so well. On the models and on Jackie it looked badly fitting, but when Jilly came out in the lurid green, it was obvious that this set was not going to flatter anyone's figure without serious and expensive alterations. I felt sorry for Jilly because it was easy to see that she was uncomfortable wearing it. She might have been told to wear the green because it was not selling well.
Just when you think Ruth Langsford "Fashion" can't get any worse, out comes this monstrosity. You can't tell me that she would be seen wearing this in real life, its up there with one of the worst TSVs she has done, there was another one, might have been a jumper-cam't remember that holds the No1 spot for awfulness! Her prices are off the scale!
Just watched a presentation of said blazer - words fail me!! That said reading the comments scrolled across the bottom of the screen there are some fans of it (and in green. With matching green trousers)
It’s hideous and it would have been better left unbuttoned - as it is she has made it look worse! Even the other models are not able to present it well either!

I wonder what her returns ratio is for her clobber?
Would hazard a guess that as her range is ever increasing and gets a lot of air time, that the return rate must be pretty low.

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