Ruth Langsford TSV 05/06/21

Dream Girl

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When’s her trainers that the Ruth groupies are gagging for coming?


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She's clearly been put on the 'loop' list of products. We don't seem to have as many Kipling tsv's lately.




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Dream Girl

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Gosh she’s done this heart motif to death and has been flogging her updated version more recently. Also the RL trainers are coming this TSV visit too.


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I got 2 t shirts from Next. £5.50 each but 2 for £10. There was postage or free from local store plus next day delivery.

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going live early
Yippee! Sorry SCW for your info. but why would anyone be waiting with bated breath for a T shirt.I am stocked up from Landsend (on offer,) & great quality.Do people think they are getting something special because Ruthie’s name is on the label? I just don’t get what QVCs aim is, paying over the odds for very ordinary items plus the P&P.


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You really don't have to spend money on t shirts. I've spent over the odds on 2 occasions, one pair of t shirts I paid a lot for were dreadful quality and went all baggy and saggy, and the other one, I'd say the quality was ok, but no better than any of the budget brands I've bought. Unfortunately it got splashed with oil and despite all my efforts, it was ruined and had I spent the few quid it was worth, I'd not have been so pee'd off about it! A plain T shirt should cost about a fiver imo, any thing with a slogan or pattern maybe about a tenner- It's daft to pay more!


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She’s on almost as much as Marla Wynne/Melissa.

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