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Watching Gemporia as there’s very little on these days and I am shocked and surprised at the prices, seems to be selling, though. My taste has changed and gemstone jewellery is not my thing anymore. I can’t believe people are paying extortionate prices for such cheap looking settings. The statement ‘This is the previous closing price’ seems to be mentioned quite often. When I pick my jaw up off the ground at this extortionate price, I then see this price then drops by a couple of hundred, but even then the end sales price is still beyond belief. Is this previous closing price when it was on the wheel and nobody in their right mind would pay for it, allowing them to describe it as a previous closing price? Are they using this as a sales tactic? Seems to work, but if I had that kind of money I would rather buy a classier design than these dated, old fashioned settings. A boulder opal bracelet I bought several years ago for £300 is now on their site for £1500 😳 Wow! Thank goodness I bought my jewellery at much better prices back in the day.


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The padding out of showing the experts telling us how this gem is going for $$$$$$ in the Hong Kong gem fair, then showing a high-end jeweller which has much higher gold weight and a bigger stone and comparing to what they are selling. It is just so silly when they insist their price is like the greatest thing and no it is overpriced. Every hour is like 40 minutes of them talking to whoever and then finally start actually selling something. Let us not forget the perfume, candles, scarves, bath and body stuff.

Like you, Huggles I have rings brought way back before 2009 and the gold weight is good now they charge the same for gems set in silver oh and zircon, not diamonds. I have some blue zircon rings bought for around £40 or lower now they insist this is so rare and charge 3 times the price with tiny gold weight or just silver.


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I bought so many rare stones in simple settings with diamonds, in 18ct gold, such as Russian Alexandrite, Pariaba tourmaline, from Brazil, and natural, pink diamonds way back. At least when I bought them they were honest enough to talk about treatments. I find now there’s very little information on treatment and grading of opals and diamonds especially, you really need to know your stuff to get a deal now. The resale value is all about the gold weight as there is no prestige in owning these designs now, have worn them on special occasions and draws attention, especially the Pariaba. Wear them in the house now just for the hell of it 😊 how times have changed for Gems TV 😐

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