Say something nice about IW


J'adore Labrador
I thought we could try to compliment IW, as we (I) do knock it a lot :9:

1- Debbie Shore is a good presenter
2- They have some funny bloopers
3- Um.... feel free to add yours


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andy and loen are great
the presenters seem to have a good time


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Loen always makes me laugh but can't watch Debbie Shore, she's far too fond of herself.


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Loen's great but I'm afraid Debbie Shore is like nails down a chalkboard to me. Even my 13 yr old made a comment when he happened to see her on one day. He said she was weird and creepy.


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Loen always makes me laugh but can't watch Debbie Shore, she's far too fond of herself.

I agree Loen is the best presenter they have and yes Debbie is quite vain but as I was told last time I mentioned this when folk rallied to her defence I was told she is an ex beauty queen which explains her vanity for me!


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Well now,ermmm,ummm,I suppose....,NOpe, I am afraid I just cant bring myself to do it.

But I will try again tomorrow:54::54:


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1) Loen is so funny and unaffected , she just goes off on a tangent and I just like to watch her irrespective of the product .

2) I have had some good bargains from the clearance jewellery in the past .


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Debbie Shore is by far the most professional presenter.
Loen is by far the most fun presenter.......

Um.......nope. That's it! Can't think of anything else.


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My husband bought me a new sewing machine from IW just before Christmas. The bloke demonstrating it was quite good and told you a lot about it - it was his company supplying them to IW. A couple of weeks ago they had the same sewing machine on again and Debbie Shore was demonstrating it. I have to say she was fantastic. I've sky+ every show she did, as each one she showed something new and different shortcuts.



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their fashion is second to none
Quite agree. ;) Don't forget their shoes. ;) I must get a pair of comfort hookers. :lol:


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:35:The delivery has improved.
I've ordered a few bits lately and they've come really fast.

Another Loen fan here! She's brilliant.


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It keeps certain people on this forum off the streets and allows us all to have a good bitchfest :3:

Andy provides me with lots of eye candy and also causes stirrings when he dons the lycra :13:

On a more serious note, I ordered the bumper flower fairy kit on saturday night and it arrived yesterday...well done IW! :35:


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Ammolite Ken.....he's nice :1:


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Well nothing but praise from me. I know I have only ordered once in the last few years but I am thrilled with the items ( M Asam skincare) and they arrived in a few days - much faster than QVC.

Happy shopper here albeit a rare one.

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