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I send my best wishes to everyone who contributes to this great community. To those like me who have lost someone this year, especially ERIC'S MUM, Graham & Vienna, I hope your Christmas is a peaceful one. I'm so pleased that I found this place for all the laughter, ideas & information but mostly for the warmth & support we all share.


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Thanks T, yes I echo that. I absolutely adore this forum and my buddies on it, thanks to Graham and Sazza for making it the best forum to laugh, cry and grab a few bargains. Christmas is a great time of year but can also be a painful one and my heart goes out to anyone whose struggling for whatever reason, we’re all here to offer support.

So Merry Christmas my forum buddies, hope you all have a great Christmas and thank you for being there, I love you all and wish you the best for 2020, I honestly do. Love and hugs xx. :wink:


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All the best to everyone from me as well. Whatever you're doing, alone or with family and friends or just not doing Christmas, may you have a good one and may 2020 bring better things for us all.




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Wishing Everyone on ST a very Happy Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

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Lovely thoughts and I join in wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.It is not the best time for so many but there are so many kind and thoughtful people out there who care and we are not alone.

Admit how many of you will be watching QVC and the desperate attempts to sell,sell, sell?!


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Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on the forum! Such a great group on here! Thanks for all the hints and tips, the laughs and the support to those in need of some TLC.

I wish you all a peaceful end to 2019 and may 2020 be all you hope for and that those carrying a burden of whatever kind will have the strength to see some light soon.


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I can`t deny that 2019 has been a sad year for me and mine but coming on here reading the funny posts and odd times feeling able to unburden my thoughts has been a great help. You guys are great and here`s hoping all of us have a peaceful festive season and a happy 2020.
If you are alone may you never feel lonely, if you don`t celebrate Christmas may you cope with the people who do, if you ever need a friend then I`m here as much as you guys have been here for me and may you all be warm, safe, well fed and content.


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Merry Christmas, all.

Christmas has become small and quiet for us, but we actually like it, that way. As Vienna wrote, 'warm, safe, well fed and content', is the best way to spend this time of year.

Warm wishes also, to the small, furry ones. Our two will be having a whale of a time, with pouches, cat sticks, and Dreamies. They'll probably think it's, well, Christmas!



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May I echo all the warm thoughts and wishes voiced on this thread. I know we are all 'virtual strangers' but we have a common interest. It's also obvious that we have similar views on life and senses of humour.

I've found this forum very comforting through my bouts of nasty depression, and the death of my little old cat Eric. He was a much-wanted present 22 Christmases ago and I had no idea back then just how much he would mean to me.

Anyway there's a puppy now in my sister's family and I foresee her being spoilt surreptitiously with bits of turkey & pigs in blankets under our Christmas lunch table. Hope they get in a plentiful supply of puppy training pads !

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I would like to wish you all a blissful Christmas and for those of you, like myself, who are missing someone special this Christmas, Christmas can be both the most wonderful time along with the loneliest time of the year. Sorry this is meant to be a happy post not a sad post. :smile: merry Christmas from me to all of you x

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I'd also like to echo everyone's lovely sentiments.

Wishing you all a happy and most of all, healthy Christmas and New Year.

I'm sure we'll all find joy watching Q if not buying from them. They're a comedy gift that keeps giving all year round - especially when they don't mean to be (I'm particularly looking forward to Chuntley's 2020 gaffes!).
Well thanks everyone.. you’ve made me blub! ;)
But thank you all sincerely too.

What lovely sentiments and messages. And I concur with everything written and of course join in wishing you all the best Christmas you can manage whatever your circumstances... even if that is just survival.

It’s funny to think that a random shopping telly forum can give us all support and a sense of feeling less alone! Long may that last.

I’m very much in the “got to try to make it in one piece to end of the year” category and 2019 has been a stinker but it’s so nice to have the distraction of this place and of QVC especially when it’s cold and dark and 3am again..!

Here’s to 2020!


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Thank you to everyone for your wonderful Christmas wishes :) I too would like to wish Graham, Sazza and all the lovely members of this brilliant forum a lovely Peaceful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2020!

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