Shark TSV 31/10/20


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I'm dithering. I have a Henry, which is powerful but I'm forever leaving it out and falling over it because it's a faff to move furniture to get to the cupboard where it should be stored. However, most of my floors are laminate now, so the Henry is overkill. Should I go for the Shark cordless?


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I fancy this too, I have a miele which is okay but I noticed the other day after hoovering the hallway carpet I could see my hair on the carpet although I had given it a good going over (yuk) haven't got any pets but may need it for me, as I shed a lot!


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I bit the bullet this morning and ordered it. I rarely send anything back, but this time if it's really not as good as QVC say it is, it will be returned for a refund. Looking forward to trying it.
Did I hear the BA saying in the most condescending way possible to Del Boy “I’ll show you how to park it love”?

I could be mistaken because he annoyed the life out of me.

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