Signature Orange Piping ?


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Did anyone else notice that Helene Berman nicked Ruth Langsford's idea to put orange piping around the inside neck of her animal print jacket ? It's on the leopard print one and maybe on the others too. How is RL going to react ? Helene has also upstaged Ruth by bringing out a much nicer jacket than Ruth's (longer, more tasteful print, for e.g.) a few days after Ruth launched hers. Very amusing to think of the back biting this might cause !


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A designer of many years, she's obviously run out of inspiration & resorted to copying our Ruthie, how dare she. I can't imagine she's even heard of Mrs Holmes, let alone looked at her designs. Love it!


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My Helene Berman coat from Ebay has just arrived and that has white piping inside so I'm guessing the orange is not a signature of hers just she picks out a colour in the garment or a colour that compliments it, so Ruthie can claim it as her own idea! The jacket is as lovely as I hoped it would be, totally looking forward to wearing it and a total bargain at under £40!


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If Helene got there first with the orange piping, why does RL claim it is her 'signature' and her favourite orange colour ? There are some other new jackets on QVC that are described as 'sunset.' I don't think RL will be pleased on either count.


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I just trawled through her coats & jackets on eBay & the piping, in different colours, can be seen on many. Good tailoring & not created by Ruthie. There were also several with hanging chain loops, I wonder if she knows about them as well.
What she is doing, and gullible me fell for it. is suggesting her so called signature favourite orange color piping is exclusive to her range. As you say, Twilight, the metal hang tab is on so many Chinese factory issued clothing. I take things too literally.

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Having a "signature" anything defines a range as being so exclusive and in demand that it's instantly recognizable by the small detail(s). The next step is to increase the price, of course.

So if you want to "up" your brand, simply add in any detail then promote it as your "signature" look. Even if it isn't exclusive. It's another marketing ploy.


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Helene Berman was on with Debbie Flint the other night; what a mis-matched pair they make.

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