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He is so rude, doesnt listen and talks across all the presenters. He must be a nightmare to deal with and I bet all the presenters hate working with him
Yes, I thought he was particularly rude on tonight's clothing show. Which I sure he said would be the last one as it's difficult to get fabrics because of the pandemic. So he's not doing clothing anymore so urged us all to buy as it's not coming back.


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He is soo funny. His Bond Street store was closing and there were loads of clothes there for sale. He was there helping customers . I bought this amazing black linen skirt. It has black jet beads and linen ribbon stitched in the shape of flowers. Its beyond beautiful. Its for evening wear not a ball gown item. But is so lovely I wear it to cheer me up with a fine black T shirt...He was so helpful and hilarious.


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I saw that show last night and I thought he'd had a few. He was unbelievably rude and you could tell he was making Catherine Huntley very uncomfortable. He might have thought he was being funny but it was cringeworthy watching.


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I have never liked his clothes and although have some jewellery from the past a lot now I think looks cheap and garish.He must be a handful to present alongside is usually with Queen Jules, always looks to be as though he is a wax figure.


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He has always had his favourites when presenting, if he doesn't like one he just does not to the faux oh I love you.

Julia Roberts is his one top favourite, they used to give each other gifts. Jilly and Jill Franks and Alison he does seem to get on with.
Agree Donna even with Queen J he can be cutting (once offered a face lift as a present and is always complaining about her hair) . I like the fact that he isn’t saccharine to the d-head presenters. Must look up the Chunts one !


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He's a gay man, and living his life in the fashion world, gay men can be worse at being bitchy and 'cutting' than women. Saying that, the many gays I've met in my life have been outrageously funny, caring, and excellent company.

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Didn’t he once say something about Jill’s hair being thin? Julia and gorgeous Ali are his preferred sidekicks. Julia tosses her hair for England and is very cosy with him.


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I always think Simon reminds me of an extra from The Walking Dead with his concave cheeks and undernourished look.


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He comes across as very arrogant to me. With his jewellery, he says that everything is “amazing” and “beautiful” which seems like a gigantic boasting session. The presenter should be saying that kind of thing, in my opinion, not the designer. I guess everyone has different ideas of what is amazing or beautiful but little animal brooches, for example, with garish coloured crystals isn’t mine.


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He is so rude, doesnt listen and talks across all the presenters. He must be a nightmare to deal with and I bet all the presenters hate working with him
IMO he is the rudest person who has ever been on QVC. He seems to get on better with male presenters, but he still cuts them off and talks over them. Dreadful, narcissistic man.


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Don't like him whatsoever. I've always thought he comes across as rude. I have a few pieces of his range from many years ago, and really liked it. Pretty necklaces with matching earrings. The stuff he now sells I think of as junk jewellery.

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