Skechers Boots


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Well just received a pair of Skechers boots which are absolutely adorable apart from being covered in mud and stones stuck on the sole !! Cant believe they wouldn't check to see if they have been used before resending out . I am gutted need to wait till these are collected before get a new / used pair !!


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I wouldn't touch QVC with an extended barge pole when it comes to footwear. I liked some of the Skechers boots too, the Chugga, so I googled and ended up buying from Brantano. At the time, they had a web deal, so I was able to get them cheaper than the QVC price - I paid £42 - but they also have free delivery and free returns by default. By my reckonings, I've saved £18, more if I had sent them back. It's disgusting that QVC would send out something in that condition. Yuck. I've had coats and jewellery arrive in a very used condition, which is why I won't buy from them now.


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The thing that annoys me as well is - that they don't really apologise for the fact that they have sent out used goods that they expect you to pay full price for!
They just give a refund.


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You know the HGRT labels with the double barcode? I learned on this forum that it stands for Hard Goods Returned or something to that effect. Shortly after reading that I received some shapewear knickers with that label on. I phoned Q in disgust, could not bring myself to open the packet (just in case they had been worn). Q sent a returns label and apologised and I went on a diet pretty sharpish.


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Very poor QC, let's hope they send out those boots to someone else as new!