Skechers Footwear TSV 03/04/20

Dream Girl

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We aren’t allowed out and probably won’t be for months, neither will be taking holidays.
Flipping heck, so what do we all really need a new pair of sandals for.


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I suspect the design of these sandals will make your feet look huge - like a couple of boats.


Skechers On The Go 600 Strap Sandal with Molded Footbed
Item Number: 183828
QVC Price £49.50
Todays Special Value Price £34.98
P&P £4.95

The On The Go 600 sandals from Skechers feature straps with easy hook and loop fastenings and contoured footbeds that hug the shape of your feet with Goga Max cushioned insoles. Ideal for staying on your feet in warm weather, these sandals will keep you comfortable all day long and are sure to put a spring in your step whenever you wear them!
Choose comfort - the sculpted footbeds will hug the contours of your feet to ensure that they feel supported all day long, while the cushioned insoles will relieve the feeling of pressure with every step you take, making these sandals a must-have for your warm weather wardrobe.

Versatile style - the chic, minimalistic design is a modern twist on the classic sandal, which can be styled effortlessly with any of your favourite outfits, so you don’t have to think twice about putting them on in warm weather.

Find your shade - with five gorgeous colours and styles to choose from, these sandals will suit your style perfectly. Go for a chic metallic sheen with Rose Gold or Champagne, select Navy or Black for a versatile colour that can be worn with anything in your wardrobe, or choose Pink Snake to give your look a stylish finishing touch.

Find your perfect fit - it is recommended that you select a full size down from your regular shoe size to find your perfect fit for this style.

  • Hook and loop fastenings
  • Outer: textile; inner: textile, manmade; sole: manmade
  • Heel height: 3.2cm (1.3”)

Colour options:

  • Pink Snake
  • Rose Gold
  • Navy
  • Champagne
  • Black

All measurements are approximate


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Not attractive or modern. I suppose it’s a change from trainers.


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No one looks good in these, even the model is struggling.


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I’ve already got footwear for summer, so am not buying these although I do wear Skechers all the time.

But what’s with all the “make sure that you buy a size down from your usual size?”

Isn’t it about time that Skechers sorted out their sizes because they’re always “odd.” I wonder how many customers will have to send these sandals back when they find that they don’t fit? Hardly an ideal scenario in the current situation. :(
I can’t get a pair of sketchers to fit they are either too small or too big but with sandals you can err a little on the big side without looking ridiculous but I’d still want to try them on in a shop.
I see the awful Vonda is on lecturing us on how we must and must not do our excerise routines under lockdown Shut up woman..


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I bet she was the irritating one in class who always knew the answer - or thought she did. My old teacher used to say 'empty vessels make most sound'


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Every time I look at QVC they are selling Skechers and it's just so boring. I don't like this trend for thick, white, plasticky looking soles either.


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