Skechers TSV 20/05/21


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I tried Birkies in the past. I tromped around in the house for 2 days to “bed them in,” as they recommended, and I can safely say that they were the most uncomfortable shoes that I have ever worn so they went straight back. I’m a Skechers fan and have few pairs plus a pair of their boots, but I don’t like this TSV so am not buying it. Money saved. 👍
It does take a long time to get used to Birkenstocks and if it is just too painful, I well understand the stopping, with my first pair they were toe posts and I kept going back to them and one day BLISS. It takes about 2 weeks for me and I have a new pair which I'm still uncomfortable with but they will be OK one day. I do have 4 pairs of Skechers as well so not just a Birki fan (and Crocs)


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Love Birkenstocks but not the suede footbed so much that gets gritty and dirty.


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Where do you buy the heel supports?
Mine were from amazon and ebay - just search on "heel support" and you'll get various options - I have a few of different types that I bought a while ago. Just try not to get supports that won't slip all over the place and personally, I don't like the gel types because they don't give enough support, but that's just my preference.


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Love Birkenstocks but not the suede footbed so much that gets gritty and dirty.
I agree, the insides start to look manky very quickly, and eventually go black in places. A few years ago I discovered the EVA plastic ones, when my catalogue were selling them for a tenner a pair - I bought a lavender pair for the summer and a bright pink pair which I wear when I go to my 80's festival. They are far more comfy than the suede/cork version as they're not heavy and clonky and you can keep them clean by washing them. Ok, they don't look as smart as the real thing that people wear with their linen palazzos and linen skirts, but that's not my fashion style anyway, so happy with them. They're pretty durable too, and I've not needed to replace them because they've become worn down and scruffy. They're normally about £35 which I feel is overpriced, but cheaper than these skechers monstrosities on offer. I saw the demo the other night and they looked extremely wide and made the wearer's feet looked really splayed out. Love the name "Walk on"! - Jog on more like!
I have half a dozen pairs of the EVA birkies and live in them summer and winter around the house and garden. I have a white pair I take in my bag when on holiday to give my feet a bit of relief on the way home after a full day siteseeing,

Im going to spend today clearing out shoes and boots and several original barely worn berkies are going in the bin. I’ll keep 2 pair of soft bed ones. Unfortunately our weather is so bad and changeable I don’t wear them much as I would end up with a soggy cork mess on my feet.

Im back at work (most of last year we weren’t open to public so allowed to wear casual) and wearing high heels and my feet are killing me!


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I find that Skechers go black very quickly on the insole too. I can never understand it, as my feet are never that dirty to create what happens.


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Flipping awful ! ... i wouldn’t them to even put the bins out 😂...I like some sketchers .. I have to have the shock absorbency but they are shockingly horrible

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