Skype Upgrade Problems


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Okay this is on behalf of my brother in Canada.

He was in hospital for over a week(knew he had to go in), closed laptop (HP model just over a year old Windows 7), and only turned it on yesterday. A message came up asking him to upgrade Skype(he had to do this some months back and ended up having to resign in after it) which he did. Now I had the upgrade last month on Windows 8, all went well did not have to sign in again.

So yesterday he did as they asked and went through the upgrade and it said it had successfully downloaded. But now he cannot get on to Skype at all. It will not let him sign in etc. He checked and it shows that Skype is on his laptop the icon is there as well.

Anyone any idea how to sort it out??? Oh and can it be in simple instructions please???


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I don't have windows 7 so I can not give all the steps but usually it would be best to 'remove' the offending programme and reinstall it.
On xp select control panel, select add/remove programmes. Select Skype from the list and follow the instructions to remove it.
Then go on Google and search for Skype and download a version which is compatible with windows 7 and follow the installation instructions.

login to Skype with existing userid and password.

Perhaps prior to removing it do a Google search by typing in "cannot start Skype" to see what people have been posting


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Thanks iloveshopping, my nephew was able to sort it out after I messaged him.

The problem was it upgraded then asked brother to sign in, but then kept telling him he already was, but then took him straight back to sign in.