Social Media - That was an eyeopener


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There will be, the 'in crowd' is another name! Glad I don't conform :mysmilie_48:


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I was banned from the Q FB page for the ninth time last week, as always for highlighting that almost all their beauty products are cruel. I'll be back again with a new name in a few days as I always am. I don't know why they don't realise that they won't stop me.


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That's interesting, can I ask what Beauty Products you are talking about? I try to take great care in choosing cruelty free brands!

I've never asked to join, there seems to be a name that always blogs, posts and don't think she even works for QVC? Obsession, lolololo!!!!


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I like the term someone described some of the sycophants - "bin lids".

They really do open their lids and are more than happy to let QVC fill it with overpriced rubbish!
Dear Lord! I have just seen that some bin lid has started a campaign to get the truly awful Sara G back.

Now this is the one time when Q well and truly ignore what customers want just the way they do with everything else.


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Dear Lord! I have just seen that some bin lid has started a campaign to get the truly awful Sara G back.

Now this is the one time when Q well and truly ignore what customers want just the way they do with everything else.
You see, that's the problem with the QVC arsebook page, people can start a petition to get SG back but can't post that the hate her and don't want her as that would be deleted. So totally non democratic.


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I reckon a psychiatrist would have a field day with some of the people who post on Q`s facebook page and with some of the people who run QVC related offshoot groups. You`ve got people logged onto their computers 24/7 and who live, eat and breathe QVC plus who get rather petty when someone else posts things or who defend QVC to the death, often dissing other retailers simply out of spite when in reality QVC wouldn`t give a toss about that person and have seen them as nothing but a nuisance. In a nutshell their lives would end if/when QVC goes bust or closes down and you`d find these people face down, head buried in a pillow, kicking their legs and sobbing in anger such is the importance of QVC is their lives. All Drama Queens or Kings !
Then you`ve got the fanatical followers of certain brands who run groups solely to talk about bags or bears or whatever.
There`s also presenter "besties" who blag freebies and post silly photos of themselves, tell everybody how much they lurveeeeee brand A or brand B and call themselves a blogger and they rule their followers with a rod of iron, ordering them what they can or can`t say because they`re scared a brand rep will read something negative and the freebies will grind to a halt.
There`s the hardcore QVC followers who see themselves as virtual knights in armor and who read every facebook post and who take offence at every sentence which may say anything negative about Q, it`s presenters or it`s products and these people declare that the posters are rude, offensive and should be banned from posting.
There`s the totally blind facebook followers who`se retail experiences begins, ends and always will be nothing else but QVC. Even if Q doubled their prices these people would still buy and such is their dedication.
There`s the chancers who beg for easy pays or who simply "must have" something even if they already have umpteen similar lipsticks, handbags or whatever and they simply " can`t wait " and they post "got mine, ordered mine , sooooooooooo excited " and so on and so on.
There`s the people who think their cat, dog, child, house, garden, collection etc etc is a must see for the rest of the World so they post often endless photos.
Then the dupes, the plants, the people sent from other facebook groups to post how wonderful QVC is and how they just can`t live without the latest tsv.
Finally the bullshitters, those who try to tell everybody else that nothing on this planet will beat QVC`s customer service, its 30 day mbg and just how lucky we are to have such funny/informative/good looking/professional presenters.
I'm not even on it, just read visitors posts for a laugh and to confirm others have a much sadder life than me!


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Ah but I can`t post on their facebook page, I`m banned lol for giving "honest" opinions !

I'm not on, nor never will be on FB and can hand on heart say I'd be banned too, for being honest. But what I don't understand is why a multi global American led company wouldn't want to know were they're going wrong, surely that makes a company stronger. I think the answer to that is that they can afford not to care, they have such a loyal following from the die hard QVCers paying well over the odds and who would buy oxygen from QVC even though we get it for free, and that's how they continue to trade with the absolutely abysmal service they offer, the customers who really do feel they're a family even though from what I've seen in the past, send that one too many wrong sized item back because the website gave wrong information or a faulty item back they'd sent to you and they'd close your account soon as look at you, yeh some family hey? :mysmilie_17:
There are non so blind as those who will not see.

In the marketing department it is the brown noser customers who are right and everyone else is singing from a different hymn sheet so can be ignored with impunity. A bit like politicians where the PR people only tell them the positive feedback so they think everyone loves them and they only speak to the converted anyway so living in cloud cuckoo land.

Any business which has gone down the Swanee has gone still saying it was someone else's fault never theirs for failing to see and give what people actually want.

Those on Mary Porter type programmes are so blinkered that very very few can step up to the plate and make the necessary changes.

If Q ever stop the 30 day and easy pay they will shut up shop as. I think this is the only thing keeping them going.


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It's a wonder she's still around after her devastation at not getting easy pays on the recent OPI TSV.
I reckon that it you took a list of names of the potters on the QVC arsebook PAGE and looked at the names on the arsebook Pages for the products sold on QVC You would find the same whimpering crawlers. What they all don't get is that everyone is laughing at them and don't really give a toss as all they want from them is their money.


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What annoys me are those people who thank QVC when they get a delivery within 3 days or a refund within a week. That`s what most companies do as a matter of course, not as a rarity and I`d be blowed if I`d pay their ridiculously high p and p and then thank them for getting something to me within a week. At their delivery prices we should be getting next day delivery, not to mention fast refunds.


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Yes, the thank you my order arrived!!! Shock horror you mean you ordered something and actually got it. LOL

The endless questions still asked about orders etc, when they should know by now that Joe/Rachel will just say phone CS. The what is XXX presenter wearing does QVC sell it? No idea and then No. Has anyone mentioned the xxx they use to put at the bottom of answers given? Even when the Green Seasons drama was going on people frantic about not getting their food. They got the hugs.

The Dyson Hairdryer if people are so desperate to buy, hey Boots sell it. Save up and buy it and get loads of points on your Boots card.:mysmilie_17:

A rather strange young man, who complains about shipping but then goes on about having to sit on his hands to stop him buying Peony flawers etc.

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