Some of these presenters are so rude!


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Jul 23, 2012
Okay, I watching Bid last night with Mark Ryes and all he kept doing was pratting around with that assistant from Blackpool (Who spoke that fast about the products, I couldn't understand her). He gave a half-arsed description about the products cause the Blackpool girl kept being an idiot and they expect people to buy? If I were behind a till in a shop, and I was to act like this customer services would come down on me like a ton of bricks. Fair enough, have a laugh at work but when you isolating your viewers? I might be the only one that feels like this, but it happens quite often on these channels. Sally Jaxx is great at selling, as is Mike Smith, Sophie Kostrowski , and Adam Heppenstall. James Gardner needs sacking, he looks like he can never be arsed to be there!
Mike Smith has left, and so has James Gardner. I know what you mean about James, I could never watch him as he bored me.
Basically the presenter-assistant 'banter' is designed to divert attention away from the poor quality products and extortionate p&p charges :wink:

If presenter-assistant interaction (of sorts) is done properly it can be very entertaining, though sadly that sort of thing is all too rare these days.
I think Mark is one of the better ones. Wouldn't want it boring like some of the other selly telly channels.


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