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Can anyone help me, I use bt mail as my email account but just lately well over the last few weeks am getting tonnes of spam mail that I never used to get, does anyone know why and how I can stop it. It is so annoying, especially the ones offering me "Russian ladies"! I mostly use my iPad to read emails so have just been deleting them but the amount I am now getting is increasing every day, I do wonder if it is something to do with bt filters or is that a stupid idea.? Any ideas or help would be gratefully received x


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Oh, I get those. Strangely its never some Russian hunk like the new dancer on Strictly. oh and give your lady a wonderful sexy night.

Plus I like to have a laugh read the my uncle has dead and he was head guy of some country and wants you to have all his money. The spelling alone is worth the laugh.

Answer, sorry nothing. You can try to block but then someone else in the factory will do it.

So unless you never ever enter a competition, tick a box online you will get them. They sell your emails address as they do with your phone number.

Just do not open them and never ever open an attachment.

I get the Paypal scams in batches, once two in the one day from totally different addresses. A bank, which strangely is never my actual bank. You just delete or and block. I don't have BT mail, Hotmail and Virgin, actually 3 email addresses and get them. Oh Hotmail you can report as a phishing scam which is actually what they are. I use Firefox and have a think downloaded called Blur, this gives you weird numbers and letters filling in for things. It also has do not track so when I leave a site it stops them following to see what else I look at.


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I've been getting the Paypal one for a few weeks. Also on here I kept seeing a horrendous ad for fungal toe nails which made me heave every time it caught me unawares. it's gone now thankfully.