Stacey and Deepak Tanzanite Show Masterclass


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Did anyone watch the Tanzanite show with Stacey and Deepak?

It was a masterclass in how the presenter / buyer dynamics should work. Mutual respect of each other, taking it in turns to listen and speak, nodding and agreeing in a natural way, and using each other's name - smooth. So good to watch a team working well together.

In my opinion, Deepak is probably the best Buyer-presenter on TJC. He knows how to deliver himself well, there is no ego and he comes across as authentic. Fantastic.

I'm normally on here complaining - but credit where it is due to Stacey and Deepak.

Memo to TJC management: more of this please!
He is the best of the backroom team by a mile, comes across as enthusiastic and personable...and he smiles !

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