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A neighbour who used to live near me moved this was years back. Got a much nicer new house to live in, I bumped into her months after she moved and chatting. She made a comment to me, never ever complain about the person who lived in your house before you if they died. She said loved the new house when she moved in everything fine until a few months later she was chatting to one of the new neighbours and just had a major moan about the previous tenant who had died and things left in the house. Next things everything was going wrong, electric broke needed to be fixed, the plumping had problems etc. She was convinced because she bad-mouthed the previous woman she was having her revenge.


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My stepfather always smoked and sometimes when I'm driving the smell of "fags" is overpowering. Also the smell of TCP or lilies is in the car as well - that's Gran. My mum gets the Gran smells as well in her car. It has to be someone hanging around don't you think? It's not just me that smells it in our car, Mr CC can smell it too.

What is it with Grannies & TCP? They love it.


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Someone stole your rubbish?
That was my first thought, as crooks do steal rubbish in the hope of finding details to scam you, such as bank details. But there was nothing in my bin that would be any use to a scammer.

Although they would not know this until they went through everything.


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