Strictly 17/10/15


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Congrats Anton, you did good!!!! Gorgeous.

Felt sorry for Jay but hey can't be top every week.

Old Pete pulled it back this week too.

Helen's Paso not that bad, I prefer when they do proper music. Kirsty's music was bloody awful.

Like Jamelia's Charlton, Tristan did it very flapper not comic.

Again if you go to digital spy they have a thread on who went last night with results.
Shame, I sort of warmed to Daniel over the weeks.

Thought it should have been Carol and Jeremy in the dance off.
Don't like Daniel never have, but I was surprised he went so quickly. With all the talk of his fans crossing from the Irish Republic into Northern Ireland in order to vote. At the end of his dance and talking to Claudia on Saturday it sounded like he knew he was gone.
I'd never heard of DO'D before this series of Strictly, but he seemed a decent chap, and certainly not the worst dancer by any stretch. I thought it was a shame he went this week.
Not a DoD "music" fan but I've got to say he didn't disgrace himself and would have liked to see him for another week but by all accounts he is relieved to go.

Now I just do not like Katie Durham, never have, she can dance but Anton is her biggest danger. Last week was a disgrace on his part.

Can't take to the midwife woman at all, for me it just isn't enough to be able to dance, you have to make me want to watch you dance. Same as Sophie EB and D van O - didn't enjoy them at all.

Poor Carol, lovely lady but Pasha seems to be lacking in interest. Mind you since he is still with The countdown woman who had 16 left feet he must be well used to it.

Is it just me but are all the females hyper? I think the costume department need to run up a few sparkly muzzles and put them on Jamelia, Kellie, Katie for a start.

Poor Jay, heart went out to him .

By the way there is a forum which isn't DS but I think is very good, I hope the link works. ( The only down side is the posts go back for years, they need someone to tidy it up for them)

Free forum : Strictly BBC Exiles
Free forum : Forum for those who used to post on the BBC Strictly Come Dancing boards.
It would be interesting to see the number of votes for each - I assume that isn't public knowledge? As this week the dance off didn't equate to how the Judges called it.

What gets on my ***s is all the props involved and the intro's before the dances start proper!