Strictly 2015

Kelly should do well, probably had Stage School dance training. Wasn't keen on her dance though.

Anthony needs to turn his feet out a bit.

Helen, probably a front runner. Dance trained, could tell by the way she walked down the steps on the first show.

Carol bit like a sack of spuds, soft legs and no musicality.

Daniel, thought he was overmarkd by Len.

Anita, thought she gave it a good go for a non dancer.

Think out of the next batch Katie Derham will be a disappointment. She doesn't stand well.

Sound wasn't good for me tonight.
I cannot stand D O'Donnell and his faux me mammy whiny singing. I actually went to the toilet when he was on, really shocked at the high marks and hoped he would fall over first time out.

The boxer was good, the shoulder thing I think will really hold him back

Weather woman, oh dear.

Country File good, but to be honest looking more at Gleb.

Midwife lovely, now the papers are going on about her dance training. She did bring it up straight away saying ballet as a child, and totally different feet.

I will get to know their names in a week or two promise.
I don't think there are any "stooges" this year (correct me if I am wrong).

I'm sure you know what I mean.
In the Telegraph they are referring to Carol Kirkwood (weather woman) as 'this year's Greg Wallace'.
I doubt poor old Jeremy Vine will be much cop either.
I thought most of them did a good first dance. I agree with Donna about Daniel o D everything about him irritates me. I felt sorry for Carol 'weather lady' she seem to forget her steps halfway round. I really enjoyed Kellie 'eastenders' and Kevins dance.
Jay, I really warmed to him, although not the best was probably my fave tonight.

Kirsty just got dragged round the floor by Brendan really.

Jeremy not the best but thought he deserved more than a 2 from Craig.

Georgia, nice jive.

Ainsley disappointed me a bit, his face was comical though.

Katy was much better than I anticipated, loved her dress too.

Iwan, bit rubbish.

Jamelia, I thought she did quite well.

Peter, very good, just hope I can warm to him.
I felt really sorry for Carol as I think she has a lovely personality - oh dear.
Jeremy Vine gave it his all and I felt that the judges were unkind - A plus for effort.
Jay -gosh but his nerves are bad but makes him likeable in a vulnerable way
D o D struck lucky with the waltz - next week will tell the tale - but the fans will be out in force so who knows.
The sportsman with Ola was just awful
Katie D moves well but dear god put a muzzle on the woman.
The first Eastenders lady was good considering first out.
Will Peter A do the moonwalk to every dance Nooooo thanks.
Anita was good
But the rest have sort of washed over me but it is early days yet.
There are 2 phrases I would ban for ever:

Pop princess .......

Olympic medal winner ........

So what? I am not a great lover of sports people (far too self centred for me) and what does the fact that someone once had a top 10 record (God knows how many years ago) got to do with the price of fish.

You wouldn't think I loved the show would you LOl
I just could not take to Iwan, was awful and just did not like him.

I really want D.O'Donnell(Father Dougal, come on we all know that is who his is based on), to go first but hope its Iwan as the thought of him for longer. Ugh!!
All the contestants were in raptures about their chosen dance partners, weren't they!
All the contestants were in raptures about their chosen dance partners, weren't they!

I remember Jamelia (think that's her name - now on loose women) saying at the launch that she knew who she wanted and who she DIDN'T want. Would have been interesting to know who that would have been.

She was not in line when tact was being handed out so I think we might hear some home truths. Not the most likeable girl and that laugh will get on my neves verrrry soon.
Ainsley or Iwan out first would be good....