Strictly 2017

Thought Alexandra should have got a 10 last night..but I guess at this stage in the game they have to save something for later...but not one judge found a single fault. Nobody really cringeworthily bad they're funny yet...My money's on Richard to fill those shoes..I also thought that Ruth Langsford was dreadful last night...sadly missed her dance last week but if this weeks was 100% better, boy her first dance must've been baaad!
So many people really dislike Alexandra, think she is a diva etc. So will lose votes for that. The Paso was amazing. But she slaughtered Hallelujah so for me won't get a vote.

Richard will be the Ed Balls of this year. Agree Ruth is rubbish and no doubt the QVC fans will help keep her in, same with the weathergirl This Morning watchers will keep her in.

Its years since they said vote for who you thought danced best to vote for your favourite.
Funnily I didn't like AB paso that much. Too manic and I didn't think her shoulders were good. Never watched XF so know nothing about her (except the slaughtering of Hallelujah, so agree Donna), but not warming to her. Really can't take to screeching females so glad to see the back of Chizzy woman for that reason only.

Scores far too high for first and second week.

Don't feel the some of the new professionals choreography is up to scratch. Bring back Artim ❤️

Ruth is a bit wooden but she's here for a couple of weeks yet so who knows.

Think Jonny seemed to find his inner dancer this week so here's hoping for more progress.

Didn't mind the new judge but hopefully she isn't going to play the trembling lip card too often.

The other
Not sure Anton could cope with anyone other than a duffer tbh. Very often in the pro dances, Anton never does the whole routine, he gets given a prop to wave around on the sidelines.
He wasn't in the pro dance last week, I did notice he wasn't in the bowling alley dance at all.

He is crap at latin, whether he just does not like it or is really just awful?
The rumba is normally cringeworthy especially for the older females but RL was at least watchable, better than previously.

Normally love all the costumes but did anyone else think last night some of the "cannon fodder" had been dealt a real bummer? Simon and the rev could have got better from Poundlands Halloween offerings, whereas the favourites got all the budget.

Sadly Jonny seems to have had his one good dance last week

Brendan and partner (can't be bothered to know her name ) - please put her out of her misery she was woeful on the bike and then Brendan dragged her around like a bag of spuds. I don't think she is enjoying it one wee bit.

AB and Mollie - bored, bored, bored. Sorry.

Aston - lets see your ballroom, so far the dances have played to his strengths .

Despite her being annoying I thought Debbie didn't deserve the judges comments.

I do wish they would stop faffing around at start and end in an effort to keep the celebs from dancing as long as possible.

Loved the Russian costumes and the dance.

Rooting for Susan as she is trying very hard, not a natural or ringer and is enjoying herself

Brian (generally not a fan of his type of humour) really put the work in and it showed.
Brendan's partner is the weather girl(I think) on GMTV which I don't watch. So no doubt will get votes from people who do watch, like Ruth will get the QVC shoppers who watch her. I have read Oh how lovely she looked on Q Facebook, I will vote for her. Both duffers

I really don't like Rumba but as its one of the classic five dances they insist on doing it on Strictly.

Again not a soap watcher but Johnny(Russian dance) was so lovely I give a vote. I do the free 3 votes online.

Agree about Mollie and AJ and I will add Debbie just boring. Debbie was on Celeb Masterchef this year and it was all flutter the eyelashes, giggle, and flirting which looked stupid from a woman of her age.

I am glad Richard went, the public decided no we won't keep the real duffer in out of sympathy.
I missed strictly this weekend 'cause we had guests staying and were out both evenings. However, it's not bothered me too much that Richard's gone 'cause he was bad...but not entertainingly bad like Ed Balls, or John Sergeant a few years ago...If they're gonna be bad, they've gotta be terrible to make it work for me!
In the early days I'll keep anyone in who works hard as it might surprise me how they progress.

I've always thought it unfair that some of the contestants are trying to put in the hours after a full day at their normal day job whilst others have no other commitments and can easily spend as long as they want to practising.
On digital spy quite a few insist Brian wants to go as he has panto this year. Others saying other contestants have done both over the years.
I read that Brian's brother is a TV floor manager and has/is on strictly so people saying he is being shown favouritism.

If he was a producer I might agree but would a floor manager have that much sway?
I read that Brian's brother is a TV floor manager and has/is on strictly so people saying he is being shown favouritism.

If he was a producer I might agree but would a floor manager have that much sway?

No. He directs the cameramen around and things like that, nothing to do with the contestants.

Poor Jonnie has another Latin dance this week that is two in a row.
And poor Susan has been dealt a double wammy- the jive and overalls as a costume- AB and Mollie will always get the pick of the frocks and the rest will be sent to Poundstretchers for the left over fancy dress outfits.

Not loving Strictly this year and it was the TV highlight of my year.
yes Susan looked like something out of CBBCs under five programme.

I HATED the music for Debbie's tango.

Davood dance of the night for me.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday, she said she called round to her sister mid week. Her niece who is 2 was doing something really strange, standing with her back arch and arms behind her, then throwing her arms up and twirling round. Friend asked what is she doing? Sister said, "Oh we watch Strictly and she is trying to do the dances!' I said well the first is the Paso because of the way she was standing. A 2 year old trying the Paso stand!:mysmilie_8:
Have you noticed how bad the camerawork is this year?

For about 1/2 of every dance, the camera shows them from the waist up, with no view of the feet at all.

It happens many times in every dance, the camera zooms in to above the waist, then gradually zooms out until you see the feet for a few seconds, then it zooms in again, etc.

Or else the camera is so far away, up in the roof somewhere, that you can't even find the dancers amongst all the lights and props.

And, of course, it is the same old same old story of good dancers being eliminated and poor ones retained, with the judges looking shocked and saying you shouldn't be in the danceoff.

I could write the script myself.
I catch up with just the clips. Ruth's confidence and dancing have improved, but she is starting from a very low base. Debbie and Alexandra are the best female dancers, just don't have the cute factor of Gemma and Mollie. Susan is very good, but doesn't display as well because of her height and body shape, but the joy on her face when she is dancing is something to behold.

Davood is the best of the men, but closely followed by Aston and Joe. Jonnie is improving, and knowing he only competes in 100metre sprint not 200 because of the fragility of the skin on his stump, I can only imagine how painful the practising for the dancing must be.

I think in a fair world based on ability to develop further the departure should probably be either Ruth or Jonnie.
Result = travesty.

If it went on mistakes Gemma should have been there with Mollie not Aston as her dance was full of mistakes. Anton wisely has gone for the comedy factor with Ruth, and that has saved them from the dance off, otherwise Gemma and Ruth should have been the dance off celebs this week. Based on the two on the night Aston should have stayed and Mollie gone home.