Strictly V x factor


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A few years ago, I would have said X Factor in a heartbeat, I used to see strictly as a pointless programme and couldn't understand how anyone could be entertained by watching other people dancing and how hard is dancing anyway? ..That's until I actually sat down and watched it - I realised that it is PURE entertainment and the dances can be spectacular, graceful, graceless and on occassions hilariously funny, including the judges the end of the day the winning pair pick up the iconic glitterball - End of until next year!

I had been getting a bit sick of x factor as I much preferred it when the entire show was put out on the same night and not stretched out over two, I was also getting sick of the judges comments, especially Simon Cowell's cliches and superlatives that he says about 100 per series, the sob stories, the histrionics and worst of all some mediocre singer being foisted onto the scene to b*gger up the xmas charts, get far too much radio play, disappear for ages, come back with an album of covers and pop up ad nauseam on reality tv...This show imvho has far outstayed its welcome and needs to make way for something else and I don't mean anything related to Ant n' Dec!

Strictly imo have got it right, starts just after tea time on Saturday night, finishes in time for you to either go out for the evening or settle down and watch something else on telly, then early on Sunday night there's a quick 45 results show. X factor completely hog ITV on Saturday night (Ok, I know they've got the ad breaks to contend with) and Sunday night's exactly the same..another 2 blinking hours of the stuff.

Agree or disagree?
I`m not a fan of either programme and I`m usually making dinner when Strictly starts and doing other stuff when X factor is on. I hate the X Factor format, the chair challenge and the judges houses and I wish they`d just lump 12 people on a stage and let them sing it out and cut out all the other crap.
I found the 10 from Len`s voice grated on me, I simply couldn`t bear listening to him and I`ll admit I`ve never even heard of a lot of the so called celebs in current and previous series. The guy on the panel who plays bad cop to everybody else`s good cop is an annoying twerp to say the least.
I guess I could quite easily cope without either prog and last night I watched a movie on Now TV instead and then tuned in to the new series Gunpowder.
I have always loved dancing, never trained or anything like that but was hooked on Strictly straight away series two.

XFactor I have never ever actually sat down and watched. A friend's daughter used to have the repeat on Sunday when I called round but never paid much attention.

I have been asked do you watch X Factor, I always say no. Why watch a manufactured singer/group who will have disappeared in about 2 years? Once you no longer make money for Simon Cowell's record company you are dropped into the pit of nothing. James Arthur I have noticed sort of come back a bit(no interest in his music), the BIG one Leona Lewis who was going crack the US. Now she is around but no way a success.

Strictly you have people learning to do something out of their comfort zone, well you do get the famous ringers every year who had some dance training as pop singers or at drama school. Otherwise I want to watch some hot guy shaking his ass.:mysmilie_50:
I avoid both these days. The word celebrity has me glazing over. BUT at least you have someone learning a new skill, same as Dancing on Ice.

Unfortunately the "product" which X Factor is peddling is mediocre pop, endless covers of clichéd songs we've heard a thousand times. The vehicle is cynically manipulative sob stories and fake drama. It really is all about the money, and it shows. It has no soul and no heart.

The early rounds are like a freak show. You sometimes get a pleasant surprise but mostly the artistes discovered in this way can only hope for panto, musical theatre and the offer of a Eurovision gig some time down the road, then further down the road the trawler net for a zleb TV show may drag them in again.

Sorry if this sounds harsh to some.

If I had to watch one of these, it's definitely Strictly.
I have a friend who watches the early rounds for the laugh, then stops when they move to the stage where people go through.
I have a friend who watches the early rounds for the laugh, then stops when they move to the stage where people go through.

Probably the most repellent part of it for me... so many deluded people getting unwarrantably angry at not going through.

About the only thing preferable with X Factor is that the judge line-up isn't quite as insufferable as the one for BGT.

The Strictly Judges could probably all get out on the dancefloor and show the contestants how to do a dance move properly. I can't imagine that Simon's warbling is anything to write home about, nor Louis' or Sharon's! Score another point for Strictly.

But all in all, I still won't watch through a show - I will cheat and watch a few clips on the Strictly website to see what's going on, and that would only be to follow up on any comments on here as I know there are one or two fans :mysmilie_3:
Strictly is one of the very few programmes I would not miss.

I have never watched a single X F show so my loathing for it is purely down to the obnoxious judges plus the fact that members of the public (albeit that they are willing idots) being made fun of just to make a programme.

At least with Strictly they are professionals who can take any criticism handed out. Mind you I think it comes as a gonk to some of them just how hard they are expected to work.

Seeing someone like Susan who isn't gifted in the shape stakes finding the pure joy in learning to dance is what it is all about for me. Personally I could do without the likes of Alexander Burke.