Tea bags


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Was just passing through last night to come across Mike Mason flogging tea bags (I jest ye not). Don't think Sainsbury's et al have anything to worry about though. xxxxxxxx


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Had to read that several times Argy!! Tea bags!! I dont watch this channel, but feel really tempted to watch now :happy: ! xxxxx


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It was a jubilee set in 3 tins, not just tea bags. It makes it sound like they are selling PG Tips or something :L


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I've seen them, they're in 'Diamond Jubilee' tins. Not the weirdest thing I've seen on the channel!


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Did Mikey claim that people were multi-buying them?

I did catch him trying to flog some hideous china Elizabeth II figurine the other night. Started at just under two hundred pound and he had three buyers, then no-one else was coming in. Mikey claimed he'd decided to do a non-stop drop, it dropped all the way to under a hundred quid and he'd still only gotten a handful of extra buyers. No idea what it ended up going for as I switched over before the end of the sale.

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Started at just under two hundred pound and he had three buyers
Stuff austerity, cutbacks and quantitive easing, what's REALLY needed to get the economy going again are tanzanite-encrusted worry angels at £1000000 each (special discounts given to Greek investors), with all profits going to the HM Government debt relief mountain.


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