Thank You and a Very Happy Christmas and Peaceful and Healthy 2013

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I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind donations over the past few weeks, I really do appreciate it so very much, will go from Strength to Strength in 2013 that I can promise you, we are going nowhere and will continue to report the good and bad of Shopping Telly for many years to come.

I am informed by the affiliate company that I will be able to turn the QVCUK off from early in 2013 as at this time they are all still appearing, for example for December so far 6100 clicks have been made via affiliate links that are not creating revenue for the site but sill creating revenue for QVCUK so the sooner they can be turned off the better.

Yes QVCUK have acted appallingly over the past few months, but from 12th Night (6th Jan) that will be a distant memory, please continue to post links to TSV's, ONO's etc as to be called and not offer this service would go against all I believe in, lots of plans for 2013 so watch this space, and other spaces ;)

Finally in this section we have thousands of unique views every day, most are not members, so why not take the plunge in 2013? if you don't fancy being a member but really enjoy the site you can still donate just CLICK HERE and thank you in advance.
Not open for further replies.

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