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Just read that Dawn Bibby has said she will back working in the industry in September............. Doesn't The Craft Channel Launch in September? :mysmilie_59:
Yes it does but so does Hochanda and that is based in Peterborough where DB lives. She is very likely to be joining one of them.


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They have announced that Becky Seddon (from hunkydory on CC) will be a guest demonstrator on the channel.


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The problem with the list of presenters, which is great is that I can't somehow imagine Anthony Heywood, Paul Levers or Julian Ballantyne crafting somehow.
It would be interesting as I have watched Anthony Heywood from the early days of Shop! (remember that), then he went to QVC and then he went off to be a cruise ship shopper, now the lure of the telly got to him and he is back on our TV screens. If as stated Julian and Debbie or the 'top bods' as it were, I wonder if they will be presenting also? I can see Debbie presenting (possibly a tad of sexist statement to make, but generally craft is seen as a woman's pursuit). If Anthony, Paul and Julian don't seem natural when presenting (I know there will be guest presenters, but they still need to have a bit of knowledge with regards to the products they are selling.
I really hope it goes well and wish them and the channel luck, I mean QVC has all but abandoned their craft, except for the occasional appearance by Anna Griffin and whilst Ideal World has a dedicated Craft channel I am sure there is always room for a 'new kid on the block'!


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I wonder whether "craft" will include DIY, one of my favourites on Q and IW but hardly ever on these days.

I got loads of introductions to new DIY tools and gizmos, some of which I bought from Q, others from elsewhere if available and cheaper.

But I still have a bricklaying kit from IW, never used, and probably never will be, had it 10 yrears already, still in its box.


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How I love Julian....... but how I hate craft :mysmilie_51:


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(possibly a tad of sexist statement to make, but generally craft is seen as a woman's pursuit)
Not sexist, I'm a male crafter and as long as they can 'sell' a product and look interested in it, thats ok with me.

I'm more and more disappointed with C&C as the days pass by, 10 shows today with die cutting. Enough already!!!!


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