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Wow!!!!!!!!! Not dies - which makes a change and not £100+ either.

My biggest issue is their useless website - I tried putting 3 pads in my basket, clicked to checkout, selected paypal (won't give them my card details, ever again) clicked place order - you've possibly guessed that by now it's gone straight to the paypal page and is still showing the full price :mysmilie_51:
This is the point where I cancelled the order. Is it too much to ask that the correct amount be shown before you click the make payment that you know you will only be charged the correct amount.
I won't pay over the odds to place the order over the phone and I won't send emails and make calls to get a refund of money I shouldn't have been charged in the first place :mysmilie_10: So they lost out on an order from me.

However if I'm honest, after taking stock of all my scrapbooking papers I really only wanted one stack, so even though I could choose what pads I'd like in the deal, I'd still have to spend more than I wanted, buying two pads in order to get the third one free. So maybe it wasn't such a good deal for me.

One pad slightly cheaper would have been perfect for me. So I'm looking elsewhere for that and have found a few of the stacks (although so far, not the actual one I want) a few pounds cheaper.

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