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Sorry if I missed it as I read it quickly whilst half asleep - receiving returned used goods and from FB it appears that a lot of brand new non returns are arriving in a very poor state (CH bedspreads with the stuffing out etc). All down to the quality control department either having been disbanded or them sitting on their arses scratching themselves all day.

The final cut - email

Thank you all for your comments, and I have included as many as possible - hopefully covering 90% of all our issues. I have made slight adjustments to the text, and have now sent it winging away to the U.S. We shall await the comments..........

Dear Mr Muller,

Please forgive this direct email from a once long time customer of qvc uk, but sadly it is necessary to let you know how your customers view the output of your operation in the UK.

Complaints directly made to the CEO in the UK have largely fallen on deaf ears, so maybe you could wield more influence to bring about much needed change.

QVC in the UK brought an innovative way for us to shop, - direct from our tv sets and an entirely new concept. Just a few years ago it was given the accolade of the largest retail jewellery in the UK, and not so long ago was lauded as the 3rd best shopping company in the country. Sadly QVC is now only 1 star rated on Trust Pilot, so, not good for any business.

Clearly market forces have changed, but customers, many of whom have shopped for decades with the company, have been loudly complaining about.........

1) The cost of P & P and how the amounts are arrived at. Charges are higher for receiving the items than the cost of returning them First Class, and parcels containing glass jars can be less expensive than a lightweight fashion top. Another huge issue is the time taken for receiving goods, and refunds on return. Many companies now deliver within 3 days, or sooner, and refunds facilitated within the same time frame. Also 'capped' P & P is rapidly becoming the norm.

2) Colours - particularly in fashion are clearly listed by someone who is colour blind. An item that is grey, we are told 'but please order the green', or antique rose is clearly an orange coral. A drastic overhaul is needed in this area.

3) New vendors are needed. There has been a gradual decline in the variety of goods offered in the past few years. In the past we were almost spoilt for choice with the different array of products to buy, but now the same items are almost on a repeat loop. Clearly the age of crafting is not what it was, so crafting shows are non-existent, the same with the good jewellery shows and I do not mean Diamonique, Lola Rose, Butler & Wilson or any of the other costume jewellery on offer. We see on the website of QVC US so many different products, so is it not possible to give us more variety too ?

4) Fashion. This is an area that is difficult to quantify, - who are your target market for this ? The youth market is not interested and wouldn't admit to watching QVC anyway, and its clear from the abundance of American Designers, ie Nina Leonard, Anttony, Attitudes by Renee et al that their designs are more suited to the ladies of the Mid West in America not necessarily the UK woman, with the stretchy fabric prints that even our slender models struggle to look good in. Hence the amount of stock that is sent to the clearance shops, either as unsold or returns.

5) Beauty. Clearly a huge profit earner for QVC, but can be a huge turn off for viewers who are 'beauty weary' of seeing the same brands again and again.

6) Presenters. Its human nature to love or dislike people on the tv, and its par for the course to be shot at. Presenters can come in for a lot of criticism, and the main problems appear to be with idle chit chat of their own private lives, a lack of information be it sizing or colour, a lack of pride in personal appearance, and obsession with the use of social media. All aspects which can be addressed.

7) Quality Control. Many complaints have been aired on Facebook and other social media forums regarding the poor quality of goods being received. Fashion items have been clearly worn and re-sent out, jumpers have noticeable snags, used cosmetics have also been received.

There is a Forum website where airing of views by customers give honest accounts, both critical and praising of QVC. I have listed some of the comments below.

"Some, well a fair number of presenters, are far too cosy in their jobs. They need a kick up the backside as they do not do what they are supposed to do. They are scruffy, unkempt, ipad mad, talk about their own businesses, self promote, preen, primp at the monitors, talk about themselves, etc. The items they sell seem to take second place. I just want the information I need on an item. I want to see it close up, hear the measurements quickly, see the different colours, hear how to use an item."

"QVC US present their shows calmly, the presenters look polished and are relaxed and polite in marked contrast to QVC UK. It would also reflect in our spending!!"

"Yes P&P charges big turn off for me but the main reason I dont watch any more is the presenters. As has been said on here many times Asda,Tesco etc don't go on about families,weddings,what books they have written etc when you are checking out your shopping. "

I" saw C..... on the other day with a guest selling a tooth cleaner. She just would not stop talking over the guest, and smirking at the camera. I was interested in the item, and got so annoyed as I wanted to hear about the item.

She looked scruffy, and I swear the guest looked her up and down, as if to say 'what a scruffy mess you look'.

Yesterday J K kept asking C how old she was. C did not want to say, but K kept going on and in the end C, off camera, told her. Then K said, oh, you are 7 or 8 years younger than me. So if you know how old K is you would be able to work out how old C was. I just thought how rude, if C did not want to say how old she was then that is her choice. Of course, whilst all this was going on the item they were trying to sell was forgotten all about. What a way to run a company. "

"I also have issues with the blogs. I suppose they are intended to make us warm to the presenters. For me, they have the opposite effect and find that they have made them rather difficult to like. Fed up of DF boasting about her achievements, how proud she is of herself, her books,her retreat.......Also very fed up with JR and her constant showing off. She really needs to get over herself. I don’t care that she is a wonderful cook, writes books, mows her lawn and does Pilates in her garden studio. I don’t care about her kitchen, the colour of her walls or the fact that she once danced on a cruise ship or that she has dress making skills. Presenters using QVC to promote themselves and their businesses should stop now."

".........having men with no interest in fashion presenting it (particularly underwear where they look like rabbits trapped in headlights - more cringeworthy viewing), and females who are clearly clueless and disinterested in DIY etc., then start with their false wows and screeching over guests who actually have something important to add to the product? "

"Who's going to take a hit on credit score to buy a ** overpriced hairdryer? This Easy Pay extension smacks of desperation. Clearly QVC are not selling enough units. For all Abby Horne's pouting, shouting and touting it's just not enough! I've half a mind to buy one just so I can return it to them under the 30d MBG! "

"I'd have a credit check to buy a house or a car - but a HAIRDRYER?! Absolutely ****** well NOT!
I bet people will be upset when it impacts their credit ratings! "

Its clear from viewers/customers comments that the days of our high spending with QVC are now over, and yes, internet shopping has a lot to do with it, but surely even a minor overhaul at your UK operations, particularly the stance on Presenters promoting themselves, can do no harm.

I apologise for the length of this email, but these issues could not be condensed into a couple of paragraphs. Fact finding meetings around the conference table of your employees are all very well, but its also necessary to get the grass roots comments from those who are responsible for giving you profit - your customers.

With best regards
Well done. It will be inter to see if there is any lastingchanges.

As a ex boss of mine was fond of saying, paper refuses nothing. Anyone can talk the talk but we need to see proper changes and not just lip service.
An excellent email, brissles.

There's only one thing that I would possibly add though (although you have posted the final draft.) Would it be an idea to close with "I look forward to hearing your comments about the aforementioned issues" or something like that. He should then (hopefully) email his reply so at least you know that yours has been read.
I vote Brissles for PM, but only if she gets an assured reply :mysmilie_48:. Excellent email, let’s hope it gets something done. I personally am not too crazy about all the new (patronising imo) young presenters, perhaps Q are thinking ahead.

As far as P & P is concerned, I only ever shop online and have done since I moved in 2010, most companies do free delivery and next day delivery. I rarely pay postage, and I am not just talking about small items. In fact the only time is when I order something from that very large warehouse QVC have where they can buy in such large numbers, which is why they can offer us such great prices (she says tongue in cheek). Of course they frequently do no P & P, but rarely is it on items I am not looking for at the time.

If QVC keep boasting about how big they are, then why don’t they offer free postage!:mysmilie_478:
I've emailed CEOs on quite a few occasions and pretty much have always had a response within 48 hours. Any CEO worth their salt makes it their mission to ensure direct complaints are dealt with promptly...I think the lack of response some 2 weeks later says it all!
Very rude and unprofessional to have not yet responded. The email should have been acknowledged at the very least, and then a speedy proper reply.
I've emailed CEOs on quite a few occasions and pretty much have always had a response within 48 hours. Any CEO worth their salt makes it their mission to ensure direct complaints are dealt with promptly...I think the lack of response some 2 weeks later says it all!

They may be calling a meeting to discuss the reply.
Well, this is just my view, but after two full weeks I would forward it to him and express your surprise that you haven't even received an acknowledgement. I would continue along the lines that Obviously it may take him time to go through all the points and provide a full response to the many issues raised, but you would have expected some interim response by now. You look forward to receiving a detailed reply at his earliest convenience. Etc etc.
MAZZA thank you, - you inspired me to respond further, as below............

Dear Mr Muller,

I trust you received my lengthy, but informative email on 21st February, and appreciate that you may still be digesting its contents, but perhaps an acknowledgement of receipt would not have gone amiss.

I do look forward to receiving your comments in response to the issues raised.

Best regards

Ms. ,

First, let me apologise for not responding more swiftly. I was on holiday when you sent this, and it simply took to long for me to review and get back to you.

I genuinely see your feedback as a gift. The amount of time and attention you put into observing, organizing and substantiating your points makes this extremely valuable and actionable. I will say that we do have planned actions around the majority of your callouts, however (to be transparent), there are a few where there are still internal debates where we’ve consciously decided not to make a change at this point. These are based on how the customer has responded as we’ve either run tests or have seen results quite contrary to a certain perception.

All that said, I (and QVC) always welcome and value feedback as we need to know what our customers appreciate about us, and where we may be missing the mark. As I stated, your comments are very astute and are critical areas of focus for us. Actually, the inaccurate colours is a new one for me, but I’ll be sure to get the team to investigate that immediately.

Thank you for laying this out the way you did, I will be having a discussion with my senior team about each one of these points to place greater emphasis on some of our existing work, and perhaps raise the priority of some others.

I hope that you will start to notice a difference in the coming weeks and months, and we’ll win back your respect and trust like we had with you in previous years.




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