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Saw it last night but didn't take down number, know it is papers and have looked at website but cannot find this months gift, Anybody who can help please?


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Here you go, Silversurfer....I think you have to be logged in to see it.

So Luxurious - and FREE
Create and Craft Club Free Gift July
Club Saving of £0.00
Normal price:
£3.95 P&P

•Club members pay only £3.95 P&P
•Normally costs £11.99
•For all your crafting needs

Give your crafting kit the boost it deserves with this pack of 20 sheets of gorgeous, premium card.

You will receive 10 sheets of uniquely produced card in 240gsm gloss with a foil or glitter liner on one side and a 4-colour printed image on the other, plus 8 coloured cards in four stunning colours and two sheets of foiled and diecut tags and toppers.

Perfect for all your crafting needs – from card-making to scrapbooking - you have to see and feel these beautiful sheets to really appreciate the quality.

These 10 sheets would normally cost £11.99, but throughout July, Create and Craft Club members can snap it up for FREE (all you have to pay is £3.95 P&P).

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great offer while stocks last!

Please note: Colours may vary


• 10 x A4 sheets, 240gsm gloss with a foil or glitter liner on one side, and a 4-colour printed image on the other
• 8 x A4 coloured 160gsm cards (2 sheets in four colours)
• 2 x sheets of foiled and diecut tags, and diecut toppers


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I can't see me bothering with this, there are only a couple of the papers that I like.


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It's a mish mash of Michele Marsdens kits by the look of it, I only like the harlequin one and the black flourish one.....I've already got the kit with the Spanish woman in it :blush:


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Thanks so much, I'm off to have a closer look on C & C

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