The Freeview Changelog


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Challenge to go 24hours in Wales on freeview on September 15th :emo:


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new freeview channel starting in October midnight-6am more information when i get it.


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freeview changes 20/9/11

This is big news

channel 44 pick TV +1 has close on freeview and now has a caption saying
Pick TV+ is no longer available on Freeview
Please rescan now to view Challenge on channel 46
Challenge is now available to viewers in Wales for the first time
and challenge is a black screen till you rescan then you will get challenge back as it has move from Mux A to Mux C today
so rescan now to get all todays updates

also challenge now has sky text

by the way this is good news for freeview viewer in Wales as they get to see TNA Wrestling for the 1st time on free TV


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this is good news freeview channel 47 Daystar has closed on freeview

Source: of air screen on channel 47 says This service has now closed on freeview channel 47
things that need to happen before xmas

channel 44 removed as it has close
channel 47 removed as it has close
channel 795 removed tell viewer to rescan to get challenge on channel 46


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freeview changes 19/10/11

freeview channel 32 Big Deal was midnight-4am now 3am-5am
freeview channel 97 ADULT PARTY was 3am-7am now midnight-7am
freeview chaanel 193 ADULT Babestn2 was 4am-5am now 4am-8am using (the ex-Daystar capacity)
channel 44 picktv+1 removed from the freeview EPG as it has close


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There is a new freeview channel on LCN39 thezone i hope this means that thezone wont be on itv1 at night so there can show movies


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my freeview EPG now has this information from next Monday 14/11/11

1800-2100 Teleshopping
2100-2200 JML
2200-0300 Jackpot 247


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New freeview channel 194 ADULT PLAYBOY midnight-midday

That right a new babes channel starts on freeview tonight and is also broadcast in the day time

could be getting it day hours from a shopping channel more information when i get it :cool:


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freeview channel 60 The Jewellery Channel has cut it hours from 24 to 12 as it is timeshareing with 194 ADULT PLAYBOY

The Jewellery Channel 1200-0000


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freeview channel 191 Red Hot TV removed
freeview channel 192 ADULT Filth removed

rescan now foe theses changes


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201 Movies4Men
202 Movies4Men +1
203 Movies4Men 2
204 Movies4Men 2 +1
205 Men&Movies

are all gone from freeview in Manchester


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Freeview mini EPG re-shuffle 18th April 2012

more news when i get it and the new channel numbers :cool:

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