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New member LCN Consultation 29 March 2012.pdf

Annex 1 – DMOL’s interim proposal to reunite the Adult genre and move the Local TV genre
Independently of this consultation, Ofcom has requested - pursuant to the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (the “BCAP Code”) - that DMOL should seek to promptly reunite the split Adult genre on the platform, and position the adult content after all other television channels which involves addressing the positioning of the Local TV genre in relation to the Adult genre.
Specifically, this means:
1. That the two parts of the Adult genre (one currently at LCNs 92 to 99; the other currently at LCNs 189 to 199) should be reunited into one block; and
2. That the Local TV genre (currently at LCN 200) should be positioned ahead of the Adult genre.
This consultation document considers the most appropriate long term position of the adult channels. However, Ofcom‟s view is that an interim solution should be sought given the public protection issues that are raised.
As such we are consulting with the adult and local TV channels on the platform on a proposal to address Ofcom‟s concern on a shorter timescale, as follows:
1. To expand the current Adult genre running from LCNs 92 to 99 (inclusive) to run from LCNs 91 to 100 (inclusive), so that the two channels currently sitting in the overflow section at LCNs 189 to 199 may be reunited with the other Adult channels; and
2. To move the Local TV genre, on an interim basis, from LCN 200 to the LCN 75 to 79 range, in between the Children‟s genre (at LCNs 70 to 74) and the News genre (at LCNs 80 to 89). This, in effect, would mean moving Channel M in Manchester from LCN 200 to LCN 75; though channels may subsequently launch in other areas.
These two proposals are illustrated in the diagram below.
We have asked for responses from the Adult and Local TV channel operators by Wednesday 4 April, so that we might implement any agreed changes by Wednesday 18 April, when c.18% of viewers will be re-tuning for London switchover, and so would pick up channel moves. We will notify stakeholders of any agreed changes on the DMOL website.
We would like to be clear that these proposals are an interim solution, intended to keep channel changes to a minimum consistent with meeting Ofcom‟s immediate concern to ensure that there is a clearly signposted single block of adult content after all the television services. Our longer term proposals for the positioning of adult and local channels are contained within this full consultation document, and any changes we make in the interim are without prejudice to the proposals within this document

Summary of Proposed Interim Changes
LCN Proposed

70-74 Children‟s Genre Children‟s Genre
75-79 Local TV Genre
80 - 89 News Genres News Genre
92 Adult Service 1
93 Adult Service 2
94 Adult Service 3
95 Adult Service 4
96 Adult Service 5
97 Adult Service 6
98 Adult Service 7
99 Adult Service 8
101-116 Text Genre Text Genre
189 ADULT SLATE gone
193 Babestation 2 moved
194 Playboy moved
199 ADULT SLATE gone
200 Local TV Genre moved


New member
new channels

LCN 62 TV Stars
LCN 90 TV News
LCN 302 Extra sports channel from the BBC

Channels removed from freeview

LCN 189 Adult Section
LCN 199 Adult Section
LCN 200 Channel M (Manchester only)

all Adult channels have new channel numbers

rescan now


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If I'm not interested in the channels Michael does it matter if I don't re-scan?



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Thank You.


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price-drop get more freeview hours

As of last night price-drop is now on freeview channel 37 8am-0200am


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LCN 23 bidtv now has a new name bid

LCN 37 price-drop tv now has a new name price-drop

Create & Craft now have new hours on LCN36

old hours 0600-1800
new hours 0600-2200

Food Network uk on LCN 49 is now 24/7

old hours 1800-2200

new hours 24/7

rescan to get these changes now


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The Jewellery Channel Playboychat TV new times

The Jewellery Channel is now 24/7 on freeview LCN60

playboy TV is now on from midnight-6am LCN99


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22 August 2012 changes

TV Stars was removed from LCN 62, Mux C / ARQA
TV News was removed from LCN 90 Mux C / ARQA
Connect 3 on LCN 115 changed its name to Vision2, Mux A / SDN
Connect 1 on LCN 113 changed its name to Christian Mux A / SDN
Connect 4 launched on LCN 119 Mux A / SDN
God TV launched on LCN 120 Mux A / SDN
Sony SAB launched on 121 Mux A / SDN
Al Jazeera 6 - 8 launched on LCN 83, Mux D / ARQB
Al Jazeera Eng moved from LCN 89 to Mux D / ARQB

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more freeview changes on 19/9/12

Freeview TV guide update - 13 September 2012
The following changes will take place on 19 September 2012:
Reserved LCNs for new public service local TV due to launch in 2013. (LCN 8 in England and Northern Ireland, LCN 45 in Wales and Scotland).
Reserved LCNs 51-53 for TG4, RTÉ 1 and RTÉ 2 and in Northern Ireland from digital switchover on 24 October.
The launch of Argos TV at LCN 55
Channel moves:
Dave (from 19 to 12)
Really (from 20 to 17)
Yesterday (from 12 to 19)
Gold (from 17 to 20)
Food Network (from 49 to 48)
Jewellery Channel (from 60 to 49)
Text and streamed channels genres allocated LCNs 200 to 299
Note: Further changes announced in July are on hold pending the outcome of two channel appeal

information from the DMOL website


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I rescanned Michael but nothing seems to have changed, TJC is still on 60 for instance.


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I rescanned Michael but nothing seems to have changed, TJC is still on 60 for instance. (the changes are now confirm by DMOL)

19 September Freeview TV guide update complete

The following channel changes were made to the Freeview TV guide on 19 September 2012:
Service name Previous LCN 19 Sept LCN Genre Mux
Dave 19 12 General Ent. Com5
Really 20 17 General Ent. Com5
Yesterday 12 19 General Ent. Com6
G.O.L.D 17 20 General Ent. Com4
Food Network 49 48 General Ent. Com5
The Jewellery Channel 60 49 General Ent. Com4
BBC Red Button 105 200 Text services PSB1
Teletext Hols 101 201 Text services Com4
Rabbit 102 202 Text services PSB2
Gay Rabbit 103 203 Text services PSB2
1-2-1 Dating 104 204 Text services Com4
Mail Travel 106 205 Text services Com4
Sky Text 108 206 Text services Com5 & MuxD
VISION 110 225 Streamed Channels Com6
CCTV 111 226 Streamed Channels Com6
Sports 112 227 Streamed Channels Com6
Christian 113 228 Streamed Channels Com4
CONNEXT 2 114 229 Streamed Channels Com4
Vision2 115 230 Streamed Channels Com4
Racing TV 116 231 Streamed Channels Com6
The Space 117 232 Streamed Channels PSB3 & MuxB
CONNECT 4 119 234 Streamed Channels Com4
GOD TV 120 235 Streamed Channels Com4
SONY SAB 121 236 Streamed Channels Com4
303 304 303 Interactive PSB3
TOPUP Anytime1 307 304 Interactive Com4
TOPUP Anytime3 309 305 Interactive Com4
TOPUP Anytime5 310 306 Interactive Com4
TOPUP Anytime6 311 307 Interactive Com4
In addition to these LCN changes the additional configuration was also performed:
Big Deal, LCN 32 moved from Com6 to Com5 in post-DSO regions only
Argos TV, LCN 55 was configured in Com6 in post-DSO regions only
movies4men, LCN 56, was configured in the new Manchester multiplex
mov4men+1, LCN 57, was configured in the new Manchester multiplex
SONY SAB, LCN 58, was configured in the new Manchester multiplex
ARGOS TV 24/7, LCN 59, was configured in the new Manchester multiplex
LCN 193 was removed
LCN 194 was removed

try doing a full rescan here a video to help


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freeview EPG changes 17/10/12

Marketplace 61 to 50 General Ent. Com4
movies4men 56 to 51 General Ent.(Manchester Only) G_MAN
mov4men+1 57 to 52 General Ent.(Manchester Only) G_MAN
SONY SAB 58 to 53 General Ent.(Manchester Only) G_MAN
ARGOS TV 24/7 59 to 54 General Ent.(Manchester Only) G_MAN
BBC One HD 50 to 101 to HD PSB3
BBC HD 54 to 102 HD PSB3
ITV1 HD / STV HD 51 to 103 HD PSB3
Channel 4 HD 52 to 104 HD PSB3
S4C Clirlun (Wales) 53 to 105 HD PSB3
Adult Section 91 to 170 Adult Com4
Television X 92 to 171 Adult Com4
ADULT smileTV2 93 to 172 Adult Com6
ADULT smileTV3 94 to 173 Adult Com6
ADULT Babestn 95 to 174 Adult Com6
ADULT PART 96 to 175 Adult Com5
ADULT Blue 97 to 176 Adult Com5
ADULT Babestn2 98 to 177 Adult Com5
ADULT Playboy 99 to 178 Adult Com4
ADULT Section 100 to 199 Adult Com6
In addition to these changes the additional configuration was also performed:
CAPTIAL TV, LCN 56, was configured in the Manchester multiplex (G_MAN)

rescan now


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LCN 25 Dave Ja Vu is now 24/7 on freeview.

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