The Giant Summer Sale


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When does it start?

I only dip in and out but prices look the same as ever. The actifry last night looked the same price as always, £179.99. I saw a sugar crisp or as I call them, market stall tops, one size fits an ant to an elephant for £22.99 plus a fiver for post!


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To be truthful the sale is no big deal the prices are much the same as normal . I have bought a fair bit of the fashion items lately but only at discounted prices . It's the postage that's my bugbear though , I tried to add into my order an item that wasn't being shown on the telly that hour and I couldn't get multi line postage so I gave up and didn't order . I was ordering online but lo and behold I received a phone call from the call centre asking if I was experiencing difficulties as I could place my order by phone . The gentleman was quite persistent but I couldn't be bothered to order as I get Quidco cashback online .
My experiences with Ideal World have generally been good but I do get irritated when their website details are not up to date , particularly when they offer a deal on tv and don't update the web.

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