The Huntely - where has she gone ?


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Catherine Huntley hasn't posted anywhere, Twitter/Facebook or Instagram for about a month. And no new QVC presenter blogs either. Did she say where she was going ? Thanks


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I was asked the same question this afternoon by my neighbour when I handed over her nine(!) Q parcels, bless her she keeps forgetting that I'm no longer a customer 🤔 She'd even looked on CHunts' daughter's Insta for information where there was a comment that she'd had a few bad weeks so Mrs Neighbour's worried that something's up.


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Mmm, spilt from current boyfriend?

So lock up all Irish men she has dated, Welsh and Scottish in recent years. Only Ireland left, she no doubt is roaming Ireland looking for one now.

Interesting, we have had a few cruise ships coming into Belfast the past number of weeks.


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Well, Rylan Wotsis/Name has 'disappeared' off air too - apparently. They can clearly afford to forego wages if they can take weeks off at the drop of a hat. At all the places I worked in my career you only got paid sick leave if you were 'sick' - and if I said to my boss "I've had a few difficult weeks " he would probably have replied "haven't we all !!!! "
I’m always amazed when there is an announcement that “x is leaving social media for a while because ……” yet within 24 hours they are back on showing us every minutiae of their silly lives. I know they have a lot of problems with trolls but the answer is in their hands, just switch the bliddy thing off - but they are addicted to being out there 24\7. It appears the higher their following the lower their IQ but they are raking in the money which few other addictions provide it’s usually the other way round.

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Heard her recently say that she was still with her BF but he’s shy and not really wanting to be on social media.
I did guess that perhaps someone had been asking was she still with him as they’d not been together on social media. I suppose the trip away with Yankee Steven and not her BF maybe fuelled the questioning.


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I think she's gone on a boot camp & will come back thin/ner.
Remember all those 'now is the time' etc diet posts?


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Spot on Slink. Wear all the baggier stuff to make you look bigger, then come back with a new hairstyle, possibly more extensions ? a bit of lost weight and tighter fitting clothes.

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