The Huntely - where has she gone ?


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I don’t mind Katy P., but she’s not a favourite of mine although she is friendly and less “dictatorial” than some of the others. However, she usually ends a show by saying something along the lines of “if you want to follow me on social media …..” Well, I don’t wish to as I don’t follow anyone on social media.


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Hiya folks. For those pondering Catherine's disappearance, I've been looking for clues too and checked out her QVC Facebook page. They have put on her official page that she got married on 5th June 2021! That is just 2 weeks before she went into hiding.


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I've speculated more than anyone on here & her comment in July that she was " work for personal reasons but I hope to be back just as soon as I am able to be" doesn't match my idea of newly wedded happiness. She had always shared an inappropriate amount of information about her life so this silence is at odds with her usual way of doing things.


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Steven Corfield tweeted a few days ago that Catherine has just been having some time out and a rest - which I suspect is not the full story, but I’m glad she’s okay.

I think she comes across as a decent, kind soul. I remember Davina McCall saying as much on air to her a couple of years ago.

I get that others aren‘t so keen, but honestly, given that she’s a human being presumably going through some sort of physical, mental or emotional challenges, I‘ve found some of the comments posted here over the months mocking her appearance, personality, love life etc etc to be in pretty poor taste.

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It's strange she posted everything on IG and has not been on to support/promote her daughters new song. Hope it is nothing serious, if it's a marriage then why the silence for her followers?