The Jewellery Channel Welcomes John Scott



<strong><font size="4" style="background-color: #ffff00">BREAKING NEWS</font></strong><br /><br /><img src="" border="1" alt="John Scott" title="John Scott" hspace="5" vspace="4" width="144" height="224" align="right" />The Jewellery Channel is delighted to announce the addition of John Scott, a renowned television personality and show host, to its team of experienced Presenters.<br /><br>John Scott is best known for the nine years he has spent being the cheeky and chirpy resident fashion expert on ITV’s award winning flagship daytime show THIS MORNING.<br /><br />After a short stint as a production manager in a costume hire company, both here and in New York, John went freelance. He was the Costume Supervisor on TV shows such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Cathryn Cooksons Black Candle. He then moved into the world of Hollywood films. Over the next few years had supervised such classics as Interview with a Vampire, Goldeneye, The World is not enough, Four weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Tomorrow never dies, Tomb Raider, the butcher boy the list goes on…..<br /><br />John appears regularly on Big Brothers Big Mouth on E4. He is the voice of Scotsrail, he is the face of NEXT love yourself campaign, he writes for magazines such as Woman’s Own and many of the Sunday supplements, he is renowned for winning Celebrity Weakest Link, advising on Tonight with Trevor MacDonald, covering the red carpet at most Celebrity Awards.<br /><br />He just returned from a hugely successful tour launching the new Volkswagen POLO through the medium of fashion. His latest venture see’s him giving deserving mums make overs on the massive hit that is Mumsnet.<br /><br />TJC’s Managing Director Comments: ”It is an immense opportunity for us to have a passionate Presenter like John to join our experienced and dedicated group of presenters as part of our strategy to enhance our customer experience. John is an experienced Jewellery Presenter with wealthy knowledge about gemstones and fine Jewellery. I am absolutely satisfied to reinforce my dedicated presenting team with John to extend our success in the industry as we seek to grow market share during the coming year. “<br /><br />John will be live on TJC Channels from January 5th 2010.


Wow!! Fab news!! The VERY BEST bunch of presenters ever now!! :mysmilie_696:


VIP Shopper
BRILLIANT :mysmilie_82: i hoped he would come to TJC :mysmilie_696:
I agree with PP the best bunch of presenters on shopping tv :mysmilie_698:


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Terrific news,I can't watch R&C any more even with the wonderful JC so this is great ,really think you made the right decision here John,it's so interactive too,just like you.


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Sorry ,meant JS,the excitement is just proving too much. Where did I get JC from?


Keep calm - Log on
Tickled pink.......

That is good news, I was listening to John late the other evening and it was nice that so many
folks were texting in /emailing to wish him well. Course at that time he couldn't reveal any details!

I expect he's hoping the 'newbie' doesn't get landed with the dawn chorus shift!!



Now we'll get to hear the authentic 'ONE LEFT'!! 'BUY THE RING'!! :mysmilie_61:


Brilliant! IMO TJC is the strongest of all the jewellery channels and, at the moment, the most ethical too so it's lovely that one of the all time favourite presenters is going to be on our screens as well! Great news.


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Hi all, if anyone was watching tonight, I think John is after "gardening leave" he was sailing very close to the wind about where he is going! At one point he told a viewer to come to this website and in the next breath he said that the mananagement will be afte him and he will be thrown out of the building.
This made me laught and fora change he looks very happy!


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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy fab news - well done John and TJC! :mysmilie_696:


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That is really good news. I agree with PPC, they already had the best presenting team and now with John joining as well, they will be streets ahead of any other channel.
Someone in charge of recruitment at TJC deserves a pay rise!


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That is amazing news. Oooh ... can't wait to see John on TJC. They are just leaps and bounds ahead of the others at the moment, aren't they. Long may it continue ...


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:mysmilie_82: Fantastic news! Welcome to TJC John! What with the lovely Derek Marks recently joining TJC and now John, they have a fantastic team of presenters :mysmilie_698:

John Scott

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Oh My Word!!!! thanks for all your lovely comments...its my first shift tomorrow night Tuesday 5th Jan at 6 til 10pm and to say i was a little nervous would be an understatement...make sure you tune in..there are bound be loads of bloopers!!!!
happy new year to you all by the way......may 2010 bring you health wealth happines laughter and lots of bling from TJC!!! xxxx


Costs nothing to be nice!
Good Luck John - break a leg! Not literally of course :mysmilie_17:

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