The Jewellery ChannelUnder £100 Day



The Jewellery ChannelUnder £100 Day

<img src="/images/160601.jpg" border="0" alt="9K Y Gold Diamond Ring, 0.12 Ct" title="9K Y Gold Diamond Ring, 0.12 Ct" hspace="4" align="right" />The Jewellery Channel is broadcasting a spectacular event all day tomorrow -16th June. Every Jewellery piece is selling for less than £100<img src="/images/160602.jpg" border="0" alt="9K White Gold Diamond Ring, 0.25 Ct" title="9K White Gold Diamond Ring, 0.25 Ct" hspace="4" align="right" />. Plus, our invaluable customers can also save extra cash (through flexi PnP) should you buy multiple items either via our call centre or the web. This special offer is available on TV (SKY 650, Freeview Channel 31, 9am to 12pm and Virgin <img src="/images/160603.jpg" border="0" alt="9K Gold Diamond Pendant 0.08 Ct." title="9K Gold Diamond Pendant 0.08 Ct." hspace="4" align="right" />Channel 150 9am to 12pm) and website (<a href=""></a>). Preview some of our affordable jewellery collection for tomorrow:

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