The Plot Thickens


Retired - Don't Quite Fit
Erm! Subtle or what?

Posted on the JM FB page where complaints are mounting and far outweigh anything good. I'm not a fan of the page to be honest but have been watching the saga unfold. Just a wee while ago I came across this post from a new poster called Sandra Bennett (?).

"Hello fellow Jewellery Makers and loyal fans of JM. I am just trying to find out how many of you have ordered items from JM recently via the morning live shows or via the website, paid for your items, and then recived an email to say the items were unavailable? With this happening to me on 3 occasions, I am trying to establish if this is an isolated case or more widespread. The problems is when it first happened I wasn't going to complain, I was just a little disappointed. Even the second time, I wasn't going to mention it. BUT either way, it is not good for customer satisfaction and if it is not an isolated case then JM need to be aware of it as it may continue to happen."

A totally unnecessary question as the page is just loaded with complaints. Then, after about 23 complaints we got:-

"Many thanks fellow jewellery makers and fans of JM for your responses so far. Depending upon the numbers of issues reported to me, my intention is to collate and feedback the issues direct to JM Management with a view to bringing these again to their attention and to establish if they can resolve them once and for all. As a big fan and regular customer of JM I want to ensure JM keeps providing a high level of customer satisfaction, especially as it expends! These issues not only disappoint customers but affect JM's reputation, so it is important that these issues are taken seriously and resolved, if they can be. We are all aware that mistakes can happen and can forgive these, but it these mistakes happen continually and are widespread then it needs to be established why these are happening and they need to be resolved, once and for all. I am sure you would agree, that as fans of gemstones and jewellery making, we all want JM to do well as a shopping channel and provide a high level of customer. satisfaction"

In between all this, a poster who has bullied in the past, and is the one who called another "an old bag", is pleading ignorance in that she doesn't know how to leave the page without losing contact with her friends. What made me laugh most was, with the exception of one or two, there was a long line of posters telling her how - lol. Methinks this was not what she was hoping for.

PLEASE HELP ME - Why have I taken to reading this page and how do I crack the habit? :sweat:


Keep calm - Log on
Hi Argey :flower: are you wondering who the rather formal poster is, even though her name is given. A genuine customer or someone from CS instructed to take the temperature out in FB to speak? :smirk:


Retired - Don't Quite Fit
Yeah! Subtall innit? What I find really odd is that the FB posters don't seem to get it, not like us quick bright sparks over 'ere. I really despair at how low their opinion is of their average customer. Do they really think we're so stupid, or is it me being stupid for thinking they think we're stupid even if we ain't really stupid - well not all the time. :giggle: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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