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I think Nikki/Nicky and her sidekicks are promoting a lifestyle for her jewellery which seems to be the London look which doesn't wash in my scruffy neck of the woods at all. (Mention of lifestyle and London Look will now be made on LR, of that you can be sure.)


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One of her selling points is attributing certain powers to the different stones, but she’s not allowed to do that on QVC. Nicky and Anna try to touch on the subject as much as they dare, then say ‘look on our website if you want to know’. Imagine the hyped up sale talk if they could tell us about the ‘power’ of all their garish wares! ( the Kirks Folly lady had us all believing in fairies and the power of fairy dust, didn’t she ?)


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I agree with you, very tacky now. I really dislike something about that Nicky from Lola Rose, can’t put my finger on it. I find her incredibly stuck up!
As I have said before I have been to quite a few sample sales at Lola Rose HQ. I have spoken to Nikki a few times and she is actually very nice, friendly and with a pleasant manner. There is no showing off just an obvious love of her product. The staff all seem happy to be there and it appears to be a happy working environment.
Well Chunts has gone from frumpy mumpty to glamorous granny , she is rocking her “off the shoulder Bardot maxi dress south of France” look today.


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Oh good grief, and the model in the pink dress looks a miserable mare, crack a smile woman!

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